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Why is it so hard being single?

Being single is really tough. Especially when all you see is your friends being lovey with their friends all day. I feel like the third wheel in our... Show More

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  • Ck ck ck... poor girl.. I was like that too when I was under age, before I turned 17. I get better as the year progress, and learned all I could learn on dating and relationship, and about the opposite sex. Hanging out in the right place, spotting the person you want, and being able to interact with him the right way are all important steps if you want to get the guy of your dream. Most of the guys you see, those who exhibit signs of liking you, will probably not approach you since they're just that way. So, sometimes it's a little hard, or it takes some time, to be able to get that guy. You often times have to initiate the move, or give some signals, so that a guy may be less shy to approach you and get to know ya better. Cheers ^ ^

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  • Few people like being single, but we all have to be at points in our life and the challenge is not to go for just anyone but stick it out to find someone we really like.

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  • Girl enjoy being single because relationship are real tough. Yes I get being the third wheel sucks sometimes makes just girl night out. Enjoy being single when you can being in a relationship can be hard and getting you heart broken is properly the worst you can feel.

  • The grass is always greener scenario. I think that your friends are putting pressure on you since they all have someone. Relationships are great and all, but being single is pretty awesome too. No drama, stress, jealousy, insecurities, fights and arguments to deal with. There's nothing wrong with not finding the guy of your dream yet, sometimes it takes a long time to find the perfect match. For now though, enjoy being single.

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