Hate being single!!

I ve been single for a long time now why can't I find a guy to hug,love, or kiss?

what's wrong with me?

I need Help!


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  • It depends on how you're going at it. Are you hoping someone will come up to you, or are you trying to walk up to people and start a conversation?

    I know your situation all too well because I hate being alone as well. I sometimes get in trouble because I move so fast after a break up.

    So if you're hoping that someone will come up to you then that's all good and well, but sometimes it doesn't work. The best way to get a boyfriend is to unfortunately look within your social group.

    If you are trying to walk up to people then good on you, but again it doesn't always work. Although you do get better results. But what you really got to remember is that all boyfriends, and girlfriends of the like have to be your friend first. So you have to make friends first to , and I'm sorry if this is to blunt, increase your chances. And if your relationship doesn't work out then you still have those high chances to go on to another relationship.


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  • Not everyone has someone, regardless of what the media would have you think with all their bombardment of happy couples and commercials about sex-aid lotions. Once you leave school you've lost the most social environment you will have have, once you;re in the work force it becomes more and more difficult to find someone because everyone is too busy working and cranking their out their lists of things they refuse to compromise on, thereby creating a over inflated expectations for future possible mates. There are millions of people who never find "the one" and the sooner you accept that the sooner you can minimize the agonizing you might feel over not finding someone. It's at that point where you have a better chance of actually finding someone because the more you look for it the less likely you are to find what you're looking for.

  • have a bunch of thoughtful and caring friends around you, have somethings in common with them and spend happy time with them, wipe out your mind of these depressing and destroying thoughts, don't be a needy shallow person, and only when you forget about this thing you're thinking about you will find the right person... but believe me, the worst thing to do with this attitude is to throw yourself at a random jerk...

    just remember, guys aren't gods, a guy isn't going to be the bless in your life, a guy in your life at this age will only mess it up and ruin your education (if you're a good student), I used to think girls are the bless in this life but that was only cause I thought girls were a different kind of creatures then, until I realized that young people mess around the opposite sex only for something they need, not only for what you need.


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  • Lowering your standards would help not to much tho but just enough to open a bit more of a window of who all you could date

  • judging from your pic I'd assume you are someone who always looks gloomy and hardly smile. but I may be wrong. however, if I'm right, you should start smiling more, be a sunshine girl. guys are naturally attracted to girls who are positive and friendly.

  • your 16 your still young I'm 20 and have been single my whole life how do you think I feel!

  • Start to be more outgoing. Go and hang out at party's and go be around lots of different guys. You have to meet new people in order to find someone. Doing that should definitely get you a man.

  • Personality is key. Be friendly, fun, outgoing, but don't change yourself if that's not you. Guys like a girl they find attractive and even though everyone says looks aren't everything (which is true) everyone still counts them as something. Just wear and outfit you feel cute/comforotable in and be friendly. You've got your whole life anyway :)

  • everyone wants someone to do that with but people rush into that and you may have a low self esteem you just need to find the right guy to do that other wise guys might take advantage of you

  • aww your a very pretty girlll:) Just put on some makeup , fancy up your wardrobe, and get out thier girl.You got nothing to lose.Smile, and hold your head up high when your walking down the street .Trust me it can be really hard,especially when people try to stare you down or hold down your gaze, but when you walk past them, just repeat a phrase in your head that will keep that head up, for example I say" its my life,imma do what I do, if you don't like it den f*ck you" its from a song . I don't know why but it helps.Doing all that will get guys to notice you, and one day you will find your sexy prince charming who you can kiss and love and hug all you want:):) god bless you hun xoxox

  • I am been single almost 2 years I want to fall in love again, I know we gonna find that special guy.