Hate being single!!

I ve been single for a long time now why can't I find a guy to hug,love, or kiss?

what's wrong with me?

I need Help!


Most Helpful Guy

  • It depends on how you're going at it. Are you hoping someone will come up to you, or are you trying to walk up to people and start a conversation?

    I know your situation all too well because I hate being alone as well. I sometimes get in trouble because I move so fast after a break up.

    So if you're hoping that someone will come up to you then that's all good and well, but sometimes it doesn't work. The best way to get a boyfriend is to unfortunately look within your social group.

    If you are trying to walk up to people then good on you, but again it doesn't always work. Although you do get better results. But what you really got to remember is that all boyfriends, and girlfriends of the like have to be your friend first. So you have to make friends first to , and I'm sorry if this is to blunt, increase your chances. And if your relationship doesn't work out then you still have those high chances to go on to another relationship.