What does "Maybe" mean?

When a girl says Maybe when you ask them out, what does it mean?

Does "Maybe" mean she is considering it and is inclined to say "YES" but wants to think about it a bit?


Does "I don't know" basically mean she doesn't want to consider it and is basically saying "NO"?

In my specific example:

There's this girl, we give each other a lot of eye contact, she follows me when I talk, she bumped into me in the halls on campus today(Monday), and after we talked for a couple minutes and she was all smiles, I asked her if she would want to do something with me sometime.

She looked like she was about to say yes, then said maybe with a smile. I said, "think about it, I'll talk to you on Wednesday. "(I share a class with her then).

Ladies, what do you think? What does "Maybe" mean to you?

  • Maybe = YES (unless the guy does something that really blows it)
    28% (35)25% (78)26% (113)Vote
  • Maybe = I'd like to say yes, but I need to think about it
    31% (39)32% (101)32% (140)Vote
  • Maybe = Completely unsure 50/50 chance either way
    16% (20)16% (51)16% (71)Vote
  • Maybe = most likely NO, but I might change my mind
    16% (20)13% (41)14% (61)Vote
  • Maybe = NO (just trying to be nice about it)
    9% (13)14% (45)12% (58)Vote
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot of girls say maybe so they don't seem desperate to go out. I actually have a friend who would never say yes right off the bat and just prefers to be coy from the beginning. If you are really honest with your interpretation of the eye contact and the big smiles from her, I think she really does want to go out with you. The Wednesday follow up may have already happened, but if not, be confident when you ask her again, as if you expect her to say yes. If she continues to say maybe, give her a big grin, compliment her frequently and never ask her out again. More than one maybe is just a game.

    • I followed up on wednesday, and turned it into getting coffee together, she asked what my schedule was and said she's working then leaving for LA for a week for spring break. She said we should plan to get together when she gets back - I have a chance to see her on friday(tomorrow) - I wonder if I should do anything special - maybe get her a book about LA hotspots or something - maybe make a pretend map to the "stars homes", haha, that might be funny, maybe not - what do you think?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Bro, this is really simple. If a girl says "maybe", she's being playfully positive and saying "yes". All she wants to see is how you respond. If you go along with "maybe" and just take that as a yes, it demonstrates that you're confident enough to take a little chance and that you're bold enough to look past the surface level words and see what she's saying with her body language and smile. When you take it at face value like you did, she realizes you don't entirely "get it". Just think this way: If a girl is talking to you, she's probably got some level of interest. If she doesn't, girls generally avoid that guy like the plague.

    And, if you really want to take it up to the next level, when she says something non-committal like "maybe", just be playful back in a really fun tone and say something like "Ok, well MAYBE I'll think about taking you out someplace fun then! " Just make sure you have a silly kinda smile on your face when you say it. It shows her that you're:

    A. Confident

    b. Fun/Playful

    c. Not willing to take her crap, or you'll call her out on it at least

    d. Someone she can be herself with

    That will take you a lot farther than you could possibly ask for. Trust me.

    • Your the man, that's damn good advice. My hat off to you.

    • You're welcome! Best of luck!

What Girls Said 13

  • Most signs indicate that she's trying to play hard to get, to make you wonder and keep you on your toes and keep thinking of her.

    "Maybe" does sometimes mean a girl is not interested, but from what you say, it doesn't in this case. Good luck (:

    • Do girls sometimes try almost as hard for a friend as a guy they want to get to know better? Could I be confusing the two?

  • It sounds like she wanted to say yes, but maybe she is trying to draw it out a little bit? Maybe she thought it would make her look too easy if she just agreed right away. If she was all smiles, don't be too freaked out though. Smiling is a good sign, so hopefully she will give you a yes next time you see her!

    • I would agree, girls like to draw things out for some reason. A smile and a maybe is most likely a yes. Good luck! :)

    • I found a couple pictures of her in photos - and it was the same smile - do you think she may have just been nice and flashed me the same smile she does for photos? I found out she is an amateur photographer and has a bunch of pictures online of herself and others.

  • There are many different things that could be going on here. She may not be sure how she feels about you, and wants to think about it before she says yes to anything. Or, she may be nervous, and wants to figure out what to say to you. Or, she may not want to, and she's trying to spare your feelings.

    But, it seems to me that she might be interested. Eye contact is huge. If she's giving you a lot of it, than she just might be interested.

    What was her smile like? Was is genuine and confident, or was it nervous and hesitant? If her smile was the first kind, she may be sort of flirting with you. But if it was more like the second, she may not know how to say no to you. I've done that before, honestly. Not known what to say. But, in your case, I'd say she just needs to think about it.

    So, let her think, and come Wednesday, you'll get your answer. I hope I was able to help you. Good luck to you!

    • Yeah on Wednesday when I followed up with her, she asked what my schedule was, then she went over what she was doing like she was thinking when would work for her - then she abruptly say we should plan to get together when she comes back from spring break - so we'll see what happens in another week . In terms of smiles, she gets this big silly grin whenever she sees me, especially if I'm walking up to her, and as I talk to her her smile gets bigger and she shows her teeth and gets crows feet

  • I say maybe means a yes, but that you need to work for it a little more. Saying maybe means we're interested but you need to ask us again. Although there is the chance that maybe can mean no but we are trying to be nice about it. Those are my thoughts, hope that helps.

  • To me "Maybe" is a kinda flirty way of saying yes, while "i don't know" Is more of a no. In your case it seems like she was more inclined to say yes.

  • Dude she said it with a smile she is going to say yes. She purposefully bumps into you in the hall and listens to you. She really likes you she just wants time to think and if she says no its because she doesn't want to ruin the relationship

    • Could a smile also be used if they are embarrassed by the question? I think she may have glanced away and looked in the upper right corner of her eyes just before smiling with a yes - could she also have been smiling because she thought it was funny for me to ask her out?

    • I meant:

      Looked in the upper right corner of her eyes just before smiling with a MAYBE

  • It sounds like she is trying to be sexy, like she's saying yes, just a tricky way so that you don't feel like you have her, she's playing the game of make him want what he can't have kind of deal, this way you want her more/try to get her more, she's playing hard to get to see if you're game enough for her, good luck, you can do it, if you are game lol

    • I more I think about this, the more I think I can convince myself of anything if I think about it enough.

    • Good luck

    • Lol - that was funny!

  • When ever I say maybe I mean No but I'll think about it,but the answer is still gonna be NO!

  • You can't just judge it by the words "maybe" and "I don't know" in general.

    For THIS scenario though, I'm guessing she said maybe because she's a bit shy, she was a bit surprised, or this is one of her ways of flirting. If your exact words were, "Do you want to do something with me sometime? " she may have said maybe just because it wasn't a solid plan, and, in response, she didn't give a solid answer, not because she didn't want to but because that was in keeping with the conversation!

    • That's exactly what I thought - that because it wasn't a solid plan, she wasn't sure whether she should say yes ahead of time - she probably thought, "What if he asks me to do something I don't want to do?" Those were my thoughts.

  • Most of the time when a girl says no it means she has to think about it and she probably will say yes.

  • If she's all smiley and happy about it she is probably going to say yes, you can usually tell the difference.

    good luck =]

    • Or could she just normally be happy and smiley and it has nothing to do with me.

    • I've found that if a girl likes you, she will be happy to see you, so she will probably smile (unless she's playing hard to get or is pissed at you!).

  • maybe to me means I like you but um it like a yes .i guess that's just how I grew as maybe meant yes and I don't know meant know. that's just how my mom interpets it so. I hope I answered the ?.


What Guys Said 7

  • I think in your specific case, there is certainly some attraction. It depends on how you pull it off for things to develop further. However, in my opinion, in a general sense, maybe may mean all of the above.

  • I think "Maybe" means a big "no" but in my case, it felt more like a "no" with me being strung along for two weeks, because I was dumb enough to think that "maybe" meant "maybe."

    But it was still one of the more polite rejections that I've gotten (probably about 5 polite rejections out of the hundreds of nasty ones).

    Unfortunately, she decided to make things awkward by ignoring me completely after that.

  • I think she likes you, but wants to think about it a bit. She could also be flirting some, and playing hard to get with you. I wouldn't give up on her yet. I'd keep talking to her.

  • That's one hell of a question my friend, I've always wondered that myself. It seems that it could either mean "Yes, but I'm playing hard to get" or "i don't know if I like you or not" or "No but I'll give you a faint glimmer of hope and pray you forget about it". Gah, why can't girls just think more like guys?

  • actually you are incorrect when you said if they are not interested they won't talk to you i have so many freinds that are girls and 90% arnt into me at all.

  • What if you tell them you like them and they say they don't want a relationship. So you respond by saying so should I stop trying. Should I give up. They tell you "you... I wouldn't go so far as to say that. I just wouldn't rush things." Later you ask them to clarify what they were saying and they tell you "friends for now. But maybe.." wtf is that :$

    • 3mo

      With a big smile on their face. Then spend the rest of the day teasing you. Smiling and joking about hitting you "if you want." So you say want kind of friends do you want to be Co workers or friends. Then they respond "we can be friends if that's what you want" so you give them your number and tell them to phone their friend sometime and they say ok I will. Then they let you know they wouldn't throw out anything of yours randomly before leaving... ugh.

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    • 3mo

      And what do they mean "if that's what you want".. of course it's not really but I like you and respect you and tossing you to the curb when I don't get my way is just not my style...

    • 3mo

      Not to mention it was never explicitly stated "I don't like you that way"...