What does "Maybe" mean?

When a girl says Maybe when you ask them out, what does it mean?

Does "Maybe" mean she is considering it and is inclined to say "YES" but wants to think about it a bit?


Does "I don't know" basically mean she doesn't want to consider it and is basically saying "NO"?

In my specific example:

There's this girl, we give each other a lot of eye contact, she follows me when I talk, she bumped into me in the halls on campus today(Monday), and after we talked for a couple minutes and she was all smiles, I asked her if she would want to do something with me sometime.

She looked like she was about to say yes, then said maybe with a smile. I said, "think about it, I'll talk to you on Wednesday. "(I share a class with her then).

Ladies, what do you think? What does "Maybe" mean to you?

  • Vote A Maybe = YES (unless the guy does something that really blows it)
  • Vote B Maybe = I'd like to say yes, but I need to think about it
  • Vote C Maybe = Completely unsure 50/50 chance either way
  • Vote D Maybe = most likely NO, but I might change my mind
  • Vote E Maybe = NO (just trying to be nice about it)
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Most Helpful Girl

  • A lot of girls say maybe so they don't seem desperate to go out. I actually have a friend who would never say yes right off the bat and just prefers to be coy from the beginning. If you are really honest with your interpretation of the eye contact and the big smiles from her, I think she really does want to go out with you. The Wednesday follow up may have already happened, but if not, be confident when you ask her again, as if you expect her to say yes. If she continues to say maybe, give her a big grin, compliment her frequently and never ask her out again. More than one maybe is just a game.

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      I followed up on wednesday, and turned it into getting coffee together, she asked what my schedule was and said she's working then leaving for LA for a week for spring break. She said we should plan to get together when she gets back - I have a chance to see her on friday(tomorrow) - I wonder if I should do anything special - maybe get her a book about LA hotspots or something - maybe make a pretend map to the "stars homes", haha, that might be funny, maybe not - what do you think?

Most Helpful Guy

  • Bro, this is really simple. If a girl says "maybe", she's being playfully positive and saying "yes". All she wants to see is how you respond. If you go along with "maybe" and just take that as a yes, it demonstrates that you're confident enough to take a little chance and that you're bold enough to look past the surface level words and see what she's saying with her body language and smile. When you take it at face value like you did, she realizes you don't entirely "get it". Just think this way: If a girl is talking to you, she's probably got some level of interest. If she doesn't, girls generally avoid that guy like the plague.

    And, if you really want to take it up to the next level, when she says something non-committal like "maybe", just be playful back in a really fun tone and say something like "Ok, well MAYBE I'll think about taking you out someplace fun then! " Just make sure you have a silly kinda smile on your face when you say it. It shows her that you're:

    A. Confident

    b. Fun/Playful

    c. Not willing to take her crap, or you'll call her out on it at least

    d. Someone she can be herself with

    That will take you a lot farther than you could possibly ask for. Trust me.

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      Your the man, that's damn good advice. My hat off to you.

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      You're welcome! Best of luck!