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What does it mean if a married man stares at you?

there is a man who is married with 4 kids, and every time we are in the same room he always stares at me. he never really talks to me just always... Show More

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What Guys Said 1

  • It means he's attracted to you. Just because he's taken doesn't mean he is attracted to other girls.

    • Thanks!!!!!!!! that's what I thought, but wasn't sure.

What Girls Said 1

  • Who cares? He's married. Do you actually plan to do anything about it? Good grief.

    • No I wasn't planning on doing anything about it, just wondering if it ment anything. but thanks for your smart ass answer!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Gee, what do you think it could mean if a man stares at you? Oh, and you're welcome!!!!!!!!!!

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