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Why is a woman so obsessed with a man? Is it normal for that woman to make idle threats to another woman?

I asked this question because I was threatened over the weekend by another female because of her obsession for a man who basically is leading her on.... Show More

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  • Not normal no. She obviously has isues. But another question is why are you with a man who is leading on other women?

    • Good question, id like to hear the answer to that.

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  • u might wanna make sure she's not his wife? if not then just f***in kisk her ass

  • This is not normal behavior. If this has been going on for a year, there is something seriously wrong with this woman. You have to watch out for yourself. You have to ask yourself if maybe your boyfriend is contributing to her behavior. You might want to think about contacting the police and getting a restraining order against her.

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