Do guys get angry and say mean things when they're hurt?

Like unreasonably mean things. Including I hate u


Most Helpful Girl

  • because they can't think of anything more intelligent to say. when guys get angry, they get stupid!

    • Its true, but we immediately feel bad about it even though we don't apologize right away because we have too much pride. I don't know why that is though. I ask myself that question all the time.

What Guys Said 2

  • actually, ya if someone who I truly dislike gives me a reason I might just tell them how much I dislike them. It might be 'you are a douchbag' or 'I really fn hate you' 'or a go f yourself' or 'you are such a (little) bch' And really I don't have to be hurt and get angry to say those things some people just are, well lets call them special, and the general consensus is soemone needs to tell them

  • Not the worthwhile ones. If he does, he should apoligze within 24 hours if he has a shread of honor. There are somethings you don't say to a girl no matter what. "I hate you" is one of them.


What Girls Said 2

  • I think everyone is guilty of saying things they don't mean out of anger. But I don't think "I hate you" is something you should ever say. I know if someone said that to me I'd cry.