Girls, have you ever rejected a guy you thought was good looking/hot?

Have you ever been asked out by a guy, and rejected him even though you thought he was really good looking? what was the reason for rejecting him?

Have you ever rejected a guy simply because he was "too good looking"?


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  • Yes. I was really insecure with my looks at the time and I couldn't think of any reason this particular guy would want to go out with me except to hook up. And I didn't just want to be a hook up so I turned him down. I regret not giving him a chance but maybe it was for the best anyway.

    Also sometimes if the guy is good looking and he acts like he knows it I'll reject him. I don't like guys that are pompous and conceited. Be humble.

    I'll reject a good looking guy if he is an asshole or has major personality defects.

    If I see him being rude to someone unnecessarily then I'll reject him.

    I hold hot guys to the same standards as any other guy.


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  • lol, no.

  • yes I have once but it's down to personal taste I think, You can see when a guy is a good looking guy like picture card guys but all tho I think there nice looking I doesn't suit my personal taste to go out with, I actually have a thing for bald guy he he I don't know why. Also I don't like guy's with big muscles like six packs and toned body's all tho they might look good on the eye I don't like cuddling up to them in bed you know all hard and lumpy I want soft and cuddly ha :)

  • I've rejected a really attractive guy, not because he was too good looking, but because he basically wanted to be f*** buddies and pretty much didn't really care about my feelings...not the nicest guy.


What Guys Said 1

  • Several of my friends have done this and I think it has to do with wanting to look prettier and cuter than their counter parts.

    As a guy, we often reject taller or bigger women than us because it makes us feel less masculine (not always but in general).

    As a girl, she wants to be the pretty one while him being her strong man. She doesn't want to compete with her man in the looks department.

    That's my best guess.