How many days should a guy wait to call a girl?

if a girl gives a guy her number how many does should he wait to call without being desperate? just like from the movie swingers!


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  • this phone call rule is the reason why we all complain about people playing games in relationships. first we start with the phone call game, and then we wonder why the person is constantly playing games with our emotions while in the relationship.

    if you like someone, and you sense that they like you, call them. Why wait... did anyone ever think that while their waiting to call the person the other is out there meeting new people who don't have a problem calling right away.

    people should do what makes them happy. and enough with the desperation talk, because if the person is interested in you they will be happy that you called. and I think that people are excited to meet new people and possibly start a new relationship, how does that make them desperate?


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  • i hate that stupid "rule" of calling after 3 days.

    to me that's bullsh*t.

    if I gave a guy my number

    it wouldn't kill me if he called the next day.

    otherwise what was the point in giving you the number anyway ?

    i say the following day, maybe 2 days is fine.

  • around 3 is cool.

  • a few, 3-4...but def. call during the week. It seems less desperate and more causal.

  • Two or Three

  • it's not desperate to call right away or the next day. I gave you the number I want you to call me asap.

    And if you don't I will think that you aren't interested. That three day rule is crap.


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  • Some say that the "rule" is 3 days, so you don't seem needy or desperate; others say just 1-2 days so it looks like you're "breaking" the rule. The right answer? Call her when YOU feel like talking to her; let your relationship with this girl be on YOUR terms. Best of luck.