Talking after a break up, what does it mean?

If a guy still talks to you after a break up does that mean he still has feelings for you?

It wasn't a break up per say, know one said it was "over" or "I'm breaking up with you" it just kinda died down if that makes sense, no one is asking the other person out when we talk, take that back I asked him and he didn't say no and he didn't say yes!


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  • Generally speaking it doesn't mean he still has feelings especially if there was no cause for the break up like cheating by either party and it's better to be on speaking terms rather than hurling abuse at each other or trying to avoid each other


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  • It depends on who ended the relationship. If you ended it, then it prob means he still has feelings. If he ended it then it might just mean that he doesn't dislike you, and it makes him feel good knowing he has someone to flirt with.

  • Yes I think he probably does still have feelings for you.


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  • Doesn't mean a thing. My last boyfriend ended our relationship and he still calls but we both know that nothing is there anymore. We're just friends and that's it. He just still likes you as a person. Guys can be confusing sometimes. LOL.

  • Well it sounds like a scaredy cat break up. That is what we do when we don't have the guts to say, I'm sorry it's over.

    If you guys are still on good terms, it might mean a couple things.

    1. He might be talking to you because there has been no official break up, and he feels awkward not speaking to you.

    2. He might just really feel safe with you. Might not want to date you any more but really appreciates the friendship and the listening ear.

    Have a talk, and find out what's going through this mind.