Guys, can you get the hint that a girl likes you if she does the following?

-you catch her looking at you, peeking, staring,

-she contacts you to talk randomly (phone email Facebook)

-when she looks at you, and you catch her, she looks down or away covering it up

-she smiles to herself

-she seems sad when you leave or don't say hi

-you know she's the quiet and shy its like death for her to ask you out...

thanks guys! I need to do some serious work now I guess.


Most Helpful Guy

  • No, no, no, no, no, and no. Guys are direct, and tend to ignore anything that's subtle (unless they're TRYING to see the subtle clues to impress a woman, and even then they usually miss most of them)

    I've had girls do this with me and I was completely oblivious to it, thought absolutely nothing of it... a few of them have come forth and told me that's what they were doing, and that's the only reason I know.


What Guys Said 3

  • I absolutely hate girls who are too timid to ever make a move... They're seriously missing out.

  • Er...

    Yes and no... but I do know the girl wants to know me or be friend with me but not like jumping into the love wagon.


What Girls Said 2

  • Men aren't mind readers you know...

  • When my mom met my dad, she was trying to kiss him for about an hour and he never even noticed! You have to be more direct with a guy or else all your "sly" hard work will be for nothing!