Why do guys like hoes but not nice girls?

and I don't mean guys that are using them for sex..but I know girls that are complete sluts. I mean been RAN THROUGH by multiple guys, don't know who their baby daddies are, had group sex and trains, you know what I'm talking about...so why do those girls still have guys wanting to be in relationships and falling in love with them? I thought being a nice girl paid off but I guess not. so why is that? guys are turning hoes into housewives now


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  • See this is where you're getting it wrong. Guys like easy girls, because it's easy sex. These aren't the kind of women they want to spend the rest of their life with. So Just relax, ignore guys who think you're boring or frigid. Seriously I get that all the time. But I'm my own person, I'm living by my morals and I'm not going to change for anyone, or anything. I'll have sex I want to have sex, and not before. Does it mean I don't have a parade of guys in my life at the moment. Perhaps. Does it bother me? No.

    I'm waiting to find someone who means something to me. Does that mean I'm only going to have sex with one guy in my enitre life time? NO! Does that mean I'm waiting for my "knight in shinning armour"? NO! I'm waiting to find someone who means more to me than a one night stand.

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      Thanks! that made me feel a lot better