Why do guys like hoes but not nice girls?

and I don't mean guys that are using them for sex..but I know girls that are complete sluts. I mean been RAN THROUGH by multiple guys, don't know who their baby daddies are, had group sex and trains, you know what I'm talking about...so why do those girls still have guys wanting to be in relationships and falling in love with them? I thought being a nice girl paid off but I guess not. so why is that? guys are turning hoes into housewives now


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  • See this is where you're getting it wrong. Guys like easy girls, because it's easy sex. These aren't the kind of women they want to spend the rest of their life with. So Just relax, ignore guys who think you're boring or frigid. Seriously I get that all the time. But I'm my own person, I'm living by my morals and I'm not going to change for anyone, or anything. I'll have sex I want to have sex, and not before. Does it mean I don't have a parade of guys in my life at the moment. Perhaps. Does it bother me? No.I'm waiting to find someone who means something to me. Does that mean I'm only going to have sex with one guy in my enitre life time? NO! Does that mean I'm waiting for my "knight in shinning armour"? NO! I'm waiting to find someone who means more to me than a one night stand.

    • Thanks! that made me feel a lot better

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  • Guys usually don't see these girls as any more than a sex toy. They have no respect for them which is why they are using them. Nicer guys usually don't do this though. Look for one of those instead of those loser pervs...

    • Your right..they are not gonna jump out at me

    • Haha you need to look for them. By that I mean go out and play the field. That's how you'll find some :)

    • What do you mean by look? believe me if I could find a nice guy I'd date them but it seems like most guys are not trying to settle down they are either players or jerks so I don't know where all these nice guys are lol

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  • I'd kill to have a nice girl. I hate sluts, I hate being in a group where the girl that I'm with has slept with and/or been seen naked by any or several of them. Just have sex at will to boost their ego or self esteem. How about having a little class? I fell in love with a slut who I dated for awhile, she left me and is the one night stand queen of the city. Yuck. Hope she's never gonna try and come back to me. I'll take the "lady in the sheets, freak in the bed" any day.

    • Nothing wrong with a classy girl who's kinky and stuff with you, and only you. But I'm all set with a hoe.

    • Im glad to see that there are still guys like that out there! I agree with you I would never want to be a homie hopper lol ew, it just seems like girls like that still get rewarded with attention but if your not easy then guys think your stuck up or boring

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  • ho = what boring, awkward girls who call themselves "nice" call assertive, fun, outgoing girls who take care of themselves.

    • misogyny isn't attractive.

    • that's not what I mean. I know what you're talking about..but I am talking about girls who are openly crass and have been passed around. not just girls that are desirable and sexually active. I am not trying to say that women who have enjoyable sex lives are hoes. I'm talking about actual gutter hoes!

    • lmfao so "nice" girls are ones who don't explore their sexuality and wait for some insecure guy with zero experience to control their sexuality. Give me a break. A slut is just a name that fugly guys and girls use for hot girls who go out and have fun. Like any of them know those girls' sexual history or anything. Its just a way to hate on popular girls.

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