How could a guy who is about 7-10 become a 10-10? FOR GIRLS ONLY!

looks wise, what could he do to become a 10-10 instead a 7-10, what looks great on guys, what doesn't, every detail you can think of would help.


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  • For guys to score a 10/10 on looks, they should follow these guidelines:

    1) Wear fitted clothes, not the baggy shirts or pants, which look like tents. Make sure your clothes aren't filled with holes, have tons of wrinkles, or have cheesy, stupid, rude one-liners on them. You don't have to change your style, but do change how you rock your style. Sometimes the hottest thing a guy can wear is just tight jeans and a plain Hanes T-shirt (really, I have seen some guys rock this simple outfit.)

    2) Don't overdo the hair. Excessive highlights, gels, and cuts can make a guy seem WAY overdone, and it appears conceited to women. We don't want a guy who spends more time in front of the mirror than us. Unless you are really going bald or look really good like that, then don't shave your head or go for an excessively short hairstyle. Women do like to run their fingers through a man's hair.

    3) Trim that facial hair! seriously, guys can have any kind of facial hair they want, but keep it trimmed and neat and it will be awesome. Women are not attracted to the mountain grizzly look, so make sure your facial hair suits you and keep it maintained. The only style of facial hair that most men can't rock, is the mustache by itself.

    4) Workout often. You don't have to be muscle bound, but women do like guys to be stronger than us and not be all skinny and scrawny.

    Guys don't have to look like Fabio or Brad Pitt to get a 10/10 in a girl's mind. Think of it like the Westminster Kennel Show (no insult intended). The judges base their opinion on which dog is the best of his breed. They don't compare the beauty of a weiny dog to a German Shepard, but rather on how good that dog is amongst his own kind. Same with guys, we just want to see if YOU can be the best YOU that you can be. Just rock whatever look or style you got going on and you will score high marks :)


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  • Okay boyfriend, here is what does it for most girls!

    1. Dark hair. Like a dark, warm brown.

    2. Defined jaw line. Google exercises to tone your face. Most are written for women but they work faster for men!

    3. Buy a nice pair of jeans in a dark wash that FIT! No droopy butt. Show off th backside. Pair with a nice, dressier pair of slide-on shoes in black or dark brown to really wow her.

    4. Wear a button down dress shirt with your new jeans and roll the sleeves up to your mid-forearm. You want to look like you have a career with potential but also know how to relax and have a good time.

    5. Exercise. Run to reduce belly fat quickly. Lift weights and focus on your arms, chest and shoulders.

    **Truth be told it's a set of nice, wide, thick SHOULDERS that catches women's eyes across the room. We can't tell if your biceps are nice until we feel them under your dress shirt! This is how you're going to hide them. Seriously, focus on your chest, shoulders & back of the shoulders at the gym.

    6. Wear a nice but unique cologne. Anything with "Axe" in the name is for preteens. Go to Nordstroms or Nieman Marcus and get a sales associate to help you. I personally like Dunhill cologne. ($65)

    7. Wear a white undershirt. Buy something thin, soft and lightweight. It will keep your chest hair from showing (yuck) and makes clothing fall across your body nicer - like you are toned and sculpted underneath everything.

    8. Let your facial hair get a tad bit scruffy but SHAVE YOUR NECK! You know, the gross stuff underneath. It will make you look attractively scruffy not homeless scruffy.

    9. Buy shoes that help make you look taller.

    10. Work on your walk. Women want a man that moves like a man. You should have a relaxed, slow gait. Not TOO slow but don't rush or walk like a girl. Wide shoulders naturally roll when a man walks and women - whether they conscously realize it or not - find it very appealing. Do those shoulder exercises at the gym!

    • BTW, I answered this without looking at any pics of you. I have no idea if they apply. (With my luck you are probably 6'4" with huge shulders and flat abs!) You said this was 'for any guy' so I went with that. ;) Hope you're not offended!

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    • Here, this site has the exercise I mentioned and a few more:

    • He's just trying to get laid,he's not trying to be a male model, damn woman. Don't listen to Texgal, I've gotten laid many times by many different women, and I have done none of those things she described, I wore either a t shirt or a button down, a pair of wranglers, sometimes a cowboy hat and a pair of boots, and yes these women were very hot.

  • i agree if he's confident, he'll attract my attention. good teeth, cute smile, nice hair and I like messy hair or spiked up hair I guess. and he has his own style-that's what I admire

  • Honestly, I think women care far less about a 10-10 than you think they do. Work on your inner self, it's far more attractive to a woman if you're already a 7-10. Looks are only going to get you so far and they fade.

  • Worrying about things like this will make you seem less attractive. So focus on more important things, like how to be more romantic, or best ways to win a girls heart. Because what one woman views as a "10", will be another woman's "7.5"... and that's how it will always be. Don't try to change yourself for the approval of a few women. You're going to find the right person, you're just focusing on the outward stuff too much, and not enough on the inside. And in the end, that's the only one that matter.

    Looks fade people, but character and personality remain.

    But advice I always give people is to dress for your body type. Wear clothes that flatter your height and figure. Make sure shirts aren't too long (or short), pants fit well in the right places, and your shoes and accessories flow with your outfit. Those are important for finding a mate, getting a job, and just looking presentable in general.

  • Try dying your hair dark and cut it. Let your facial hair grow a little scruffy. Go for nice jeans but casual shoes & shirt. Go to the gym and get nice arm muscles.

    Smile more. :)

  • well... no one is perfect, but I think being confident is good but being to confident can lead to cocky-ness.

  • Keep in good shape, eat healthy and keep your skin free of blackheads and zits, dress nicely, keep your hair somewhat long, No buzz cuts,Take care of your hair, facial hair is OK but keep it to a minimum, Take care of your teeth, wear cologne/deodorant, clean clothes, humbleness and confidence.

  • join a gym, smell good, cut your hair shorter, be SMOOTH and confident :D

  • Maybe stop thinking of yourself as a number?

  • See it depends on the girl. My idea of a 10/10 would be totally different than the next girl. I honestly don't think you can get every girl to think you're a 10 because we all have different tastes.

    To me I am really attracted to the rugged and masculine look. So if a guy that had a 5:00 shadow (for a white guy) that would add some points and dreads on a black guy would add points. I think guys that are really good looking without looking pretty are the hottest.

    I like guys that are slightly buff. Not like pumped up body builders but a football player body type.

  • take good care of yur skin, hair and teeth. be confident, I'm telling yu this so that yu will feel better about yurself. not so yu can get girls.

    on and personally, piercings are h o t.

    i know a lot of girls that love that.

  • Don't change a thing. You are hot as it is. =D I promise. Don't worry about your looks. =D

  • Ok, number one is style of clothing (looks don't really count for me, but for some people they score big points.), I've only ever liked Hollister on one guy, so really SCREW HOLLISTER! Any adviertisment for guys clothes where the guy isn't actually wearing the clother (ie. speedo or whatever) is not good clothes.

    Another one, is how much you swear. Guys that continuously swear at me and such are HUGE turn offs.

    Hope this helped. :)

  • As long as he's confident, clean is a must! Like clean hair, must shower daily.. lol nice jeans not too light and not too baggy, nice non wrinkled shirts other than black. Nice clean hair cute, nice smile. Sometimes if he's just confident in what his own style is, that's sexy too. I'm just basicing my opinion off what kinda guys I see a lot of girls with..

  • Every girl has her different opinions on what a 10/10 would be. Just be yourself and have fun! =]

  • I think confidence can make anybody look better, but if they already have that then the way they dress.

    I personally like a guy with their own unique style as long as it looks good.

    My favourite look for a guy would be a v-neck shirt with jeans and a belt.

    You could also start going to the gym if you don't already.

  • To be really honest with you looks are nice but what;s on the in side is everything to a real lady !

  • Well I am am a woman, and men with facial hair are sexy

    Men who ARE NOT BALD! are VERY sexy (Very)

    Hair is better I had a man with long sexy brown hair... 2 weeks later, found out it was a wig!


  • okay, I for one LOVE long brown/black/blonde hair,

    no makeup:P

    aero and abercrombie look great on guys

    pants with holes are good

    and if they wear tight skinny jeans they gotta FIT

    okay and don't overtan or be too light

    so get some sun just not a lot

    buffness is also a BIGG turn on

    and I disagree, swearing turns me on BIGTIME lol

  • clean shaven, clean cut hair style (no shaggy), put some gel in it or somethin, buzz it. no pit stains or nasty sweat stains. wear DEODORANT and COLOGNE! (not too much cologne tho..just a few sprays), nice clothes that fit nicely (no baggy pants or ugly shirts that are too big). Shoes need to be clean. Good smile and hygeine. get some listerine strips and carry them with you at all times.

  • just be clean and confident with your self, you are already a good looking guy. if you are having probs finding a girl its prob because you are looking in the wrong places...good luck!

  • with your hair cut short, you are a 10/10! you don't need to change anything...

  • Your hair looks a little too boy-band (too bleached and gelled). Otherwise you look fine! I have seen your posts about how you look all week. I don't know why you are so down on yourself. Chill!

    • This was more of a guys in general type of question, not really about me =)

    • I think you think about looks way too much. It can't be good for you. You will end up feeling bad about yourself and being too harsh on the women you date. I really think you need to chill. You look great Now get a hobby!!

    • Agreed Ms. Anonymous! I'm noticing more and more questions like this. It's one thing to be curious, but generalize the question... and don't zone in on ones that are ALWAYS based on looks. You'll never be able to please everyone.

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  • I know you wanted girls only but I have to chip in here...

    WHat looks great on a guy, ANY guy is a little HUMILITY!

  • You can sparkle like Edward from twilight! lol

  • dude I don't think you have a lot to worry about look like you doing ok as is at the end of the day any bloke that thinks he's 10-10 is just an arrogant bullsh*tter

  • Hey, I know this says for girls only but I had to answer this question since I looked at your pictures. You are naturally a 10/10 guy but the only thing that doesn't fits you it's your hair, I'll say go shorter, and maybe darker. I can assure you it'll make a difference. I hope you don't get offended with my answer, that's not my porpuse.