How could a guy who is about 7-10 become a 10-10? FOR GIRLS ONLY!

looks wise, what could he do to become a 10-10 instead a 7-10, what looks great on guys, what doesn't, every detail you can think of would help.


Most Helpful Girl

  • For guys to score a 10/10 on looks, they should follow these guidelines:

    1) Wear fitted clothes, not the baggy shirts or pants, which look like tents. Make sure your clothes aren't filled with holes, have tons of wrinkles, or have cheesy, stupid, rude one-liners on them. You don't have to change your style, but do change how you rock your style. Sometimes the hottest thing a guy can wear is just tight jeans and a plain Hanes T-shirt (really, I have seen some guys rock this simple outfit.)

    2) Don't overdo the hair. Excessive highlights, gels, and cuts can make a guy seem WAY overdone, and it appears conceited to women. We don't want a guy who spends more time in front of the mirror than us. Unless you are really going bald or look really good like that, then don't shave your head or go for an excessively short hairstyle. Women do like to run their fingers through a man's hair.

    3) Trim that facial hair! seriously, guys can have any kind of facial hair they want, but keep it trimmed and neat and it will be awesome. Women are not attracted to the mountain grizzly look, so make sure your facial hair suits you and keep it maintained. The only style of facial hair that most men can't rock, is the mustache by itself.

    4) Workout often. You don't have to be muscle bound, but women do like guys to be stronger than us and not be all skinny and scrawny.

    Guys don't have to look like Fabio or Brad Pitt to get a 10/10 in a girl's mind. Think of it like the Westminster Kennel Show (no insult intended). The judges base their opinion on which dog is the best of his breed. They don't compare the beauty of a weiny dog to a German Shepard, but rather on how good that dog is amongst his own kind. Same with guys, we just want to see if YOU can be the best YOU that you can be. Just rock whatever look or style you got going on and you will score high marks :)