Does he dream of me too?

I've heard it been said that when you dream of someone they dream of you too. Is this true? My Ex and I broke up over 12 years ago. My now husband and I started dating, and I didn't think one thing about him after awhile, because my husband helped me forget. Then 4 years and 3 kids after marriage, I started dreaming about him. I had a dream that we saw each other, and started talking it made his fiance mad, and the dream changed and we are like 40-50 years old, and we meet up again, and this time we get back together. Then about a week later I saw him and his wife at the store, I didn't talk to him though. She did give me the stink eye like I did something wrong to her, and all I did was stand there. After that I thought a lot about him, then I had another dream, and about a week or so later I saw him again. Then it kinda stopped for awhile, and then I had another dream, and my best friend called and told me that he was working at a restaurant that she goes to often.... Show More