When you pray for something, does God give you signs that the answer to your prayer is on the way?

I've been praying about a situation with someone.. we were close and then all of a sudden he stopped contacting me...i always prayed about it, but lately I had stop being so worrisome and anxious about getting my pray answered... So, I haven't seen or heard from this person I am praying about in 2 months,and then suddenly yesterday I saw him and he said hi to me..even though we didn't really talk, I was wondering could this one incident be a sign of things to come?


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  • Sometimes God gives us peace about the issue, and confidence to let go of our own understanding. We learn that sometimes He has a bigger plan that doesn't include what we want. BUT, I've learned that it always turns out for the better. I've had a lot of unanswered prayers, but thank goodness! I've had a pretty blessed life... and I've made a handful of ridiculous mistakes! But, also look towards whether the relationship is a healthy one, or if you're holding onto something for reasons that shouldn't be. Learn to practice good judgment. A lot of people say "look to God", but sometimes He gives you all the tools, and has you make it happen.

    God may not give you the answer that you want, but you will get the peace about the situation. Practice patience.

    • I get what you mean about the peace thing...i do feel a peace about it and I have kind of an "i don't really care what happens attitude"

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  • I've never prayed in my whole life. I don't think I ever will do it.

    • Its not cool of you to say that !

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    • Which it is if you think about it in an objective and unbiased observer's perspective.

      one who is given knowledge as a whole versus another who is given one slice of the pie. Growing up in such a manner creates different trains of thoughts that will define each individual differently and of course, no one is right or wrong, but think of it still as an observer and recognize that prayer or no prayer, Its all in your head.

    • My parents did not sent me to a Bible class (but once, after some priest insisted on it: I asked so many difficult questions there that the preacher never came back), they gave me a 'children's Bible' when I was 8 or 9. I read it like a novel. I've read the Bible in three languages (I've them here, next to the Quran, in three languages too) I don't believe in either.

  • I'm not religious but I've often heard "god helps those who help themselves". If you really want something to come of this, stop praying and take matters into your own hands, you'll have a better success rate.

    MY opinion, not yours.


    • Better yet, keep praying and also take matters into your own hands. I don't believe the praying will do you any good but if you do that's all that matters. Double your odds for success but don't leave it to chance if you really want it.

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    • Your curiosity. Your faith. Appease whatever needs answering because everyone knows how it feels to not KNOW something as important as Gods intentions or the answer to a multiple choice question or a long answer question on an exam that will ultimately guide yourself to a rich future of opportunities, or on the streets if you fail. A life or death question of you will. And that is what "God" is. And since there is no right answer, all of em are right for each deist according to their situation/life.

    • And no one is right/no one is wrong.

      But at least look for once, and realize even if god exists or doesn't exist, This is your life, predetermined by god OR NOT, whether you really have a WILL, or not according to some of the major religions... Pretend it is you with the power, afterall, if you belive in god, you Are pretending to have faith/belief in Him. Believe in yourself, work on yourself for gods sake:D

      Quit having to rely on others or God, and be a f***ing man(or woman). That's all you are.

  • Although God can help you with your personal struggles, he is not your match maker. All he can do is give you courage and a helpful guide. But he does not grant wishes such as that you want.

  • God cares about everyone. . Yes some of my prayer weren't anwsered but I believe god has a plan for us and some times our prayers aren't anwser because god believes its in our best interest.

  • Don't rely on your imaginary omni-present/omni-potent and all knowing friend to give you signs or to guide you.

    Guide yourself.

    Rely on yourself.

    You are the one who is alive, human and physical.

    If you are so intent on seeing a sign, a path to lead you... your mind WILL doing it for you. Not God. The brain is a very cool thing, read up on it.

    I know the God concept is really amazing and is a wonderful tool to use for a believer in that sort of thing, it helps many people, and it can also create MANY MANY problems but as well, create a lot of good in our world. Prayer or no prayer, you don't need a sign. You just need to start being self-efficient. Self-reliable. Make sh*t happen on YOUR terms.

    You need to start thinking for YOURSELF and ACT on what feels right for you. Deities can't help you on that one. HA. They never do when it comes to thinking for yourself... unless you "hear" God...ha ha.

    • I like your view about those things :D

    • You have a right to your beliefs (or lack thereof), but unless you've actually died, who's to say that there is no God? She has faith, and there's nothing wrong with that. It's not a crutch, it's a belief that there's a higher purpose and a meaning to life. Yes, she does need to rely on her own judgment, but if she derives a sense of direction from her faith, there's no wrong in that. But I agree, she needs to be a mover and shaker and make things happen. And there we find common ground.

    • Who says in death there is or isn't an afterlife? .............

      Faith is a crutch when you fail to help yourself, and a tool to be used when advantageous for good or bad. History knows what good it has done. As for our common ground, it derives from what every sensible human being is born with, common sense and critical thinking. Used together, There is your god, and its thyself. =] hallelujah

  • Try praying harder. That usually helps.

    • I sincerely hope you're more intelligent than your comment here.

    • Lmfao. I like this answer. made me go "HA!" and then I wrote this

    • There's no level to praying. It's not like Mario, where you can reach a higher level and BAM! Prayer answered. If she did truly give it to God, and if she truly has faith that the issue will be taken care of, she'll more on with her life, and the situation will eventually reach either 1. the way she wanted, or 2. she no longer cares about it and feels at ease with it ending as such.

  • He doesn't put more on us than we can handle, but, I've never seen anything that indicates that things will turn around when I pray. It's just a waiting game to see if it will happen or not. Some prayers may go unanswered, yes, but not all of them. I guess it's just a matter of keeping the faith. Good luck.

    • "He doesn't put more on us than we can handle"... It's just a waiting game ,

      Tell that to the 12yr old girl who tried suicide three times to join her mother in Paradise (and succeeded a year ago) Yes, she prayed many times, every evening.

      Tell it to her father who was one of my best friends and smashed his car against a bridge after that .

      Tell that to the billions of people dying from food shortages and who see their kids skinny and sick and dead ... It's no game, it's HARSH REALITY :@

    • For a man who says he's never prayed-huh. I meant EVERYTHING I said. If, whenyou do pray, it SEEMS like a waiting a waiting game to see the prayer is answered. THAT'S WHAT I MEANT.

    • There is no pretty answer to life and its gritty events. We can't control everything, and because of our greedy nature, we do have a lot of problems with hunger, murder, drugs,pollution, and political issues. Our sense of understanding doesn't reach all of life's questions. We try our best, and bad things DO happen. But we continue to have faith. We've all lost loved ones, and experienced anger at God, but that doesn't mean that because they died, He doesn't love us, nor does He cease to exist

  • All things do happen for a reason. It does not mean this reason is of or from God. If you are asking if this is an answer from god, take time to sit before Him and listen. The only way you can hear Him is if you listen.

    For all of you who pretend that there is no God... Stop running from what you know to be true! There is a God and you all know this. Deep down inside, in the deepest part of your being, you know that you were created by God. Seek Him and you will find Him. He is not hiding. He is waiting for you to turn to Him. What are you affraid of? Sooner or later you will get tired of fighting against Him. Your life will get better, it has to... He promises.

    If you have questions, email me at timescoming@gmail.com

    Mr. Jmok


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  • Prayer won't make good things come your way, in the same way that wishing on a shooting star won't. BUT, and this is coming from a girl who has never had a religious bone in her body, I do equate prayer and faith to be similar to hope, and having hope is a good first step, the next step is to physically do something about what you want.

  • I pray mostly when I need spiritual guidance. I am quite a spiritual person.


    I also work things and I work for things by making goals and completing them. in a sense, you got to do what you can in a practical sense to acheive your dreams. and on top of that, sure, pray. Sometimes I do. like when my grandpa wasn't feeling well, I prayed for him. but I like how one answerer said, rely on yourself. that's what I believe in too

  • Prayer is not the same as a wish. You don't usually say a prayer, and say "oh I hope whatever I prayed about comes true." God knows what's best for you, and if you never meet up with this guy again it's not because God didn't hear your prayer, it's because this guy wasn't meant to be a part of your life.

  • Sometimes no answer is the answer that is required. God allows things to happen that are in your best interest. Have trust in him, but pray also. If it is right for you, it will happen naturally .. I hope this helps :)

  • Maybe god has already answered your prayer, but you haven't looked at the big picture...Maybe that guy isn't the one that is right for you...Maybe that time apart is when you should have been focusing on something or someone else...maybe everything you seen in him, God sent it to you through someone else...and maybe you guys not really talking was a sign that you guys shouldn't...and maybe it wasn't God that send him

    your way, just maybe he was a distraction.

  • her veiw on things was...ok.

    but some who insults our god is not very nice. god does answer prayers and they might b signs, but hun, those prayers are between you and god. if you feel it is it probably is a sign.

    dont let a smart butt teenager alter your veiw on god.

    and yes do beleive in yourself and go for goals, god does not just hand us things, we hve to prove we deserve them and work hard to get them. :]

  • If it was meant to be then it happens. Everything in this world has its own time. If he is really meant for you... no matter what you do, you'll eventually end up with him :)

  • I know that God is working in the world to fulfill my prayers, either because my prayers are answered swiftly or because they are heralded by smaller changes.

    For example, I prayed to God, asking for him to provide me with the opportunity to meet my father.

    A week later, the day before Christmas, I received a Christmas card from my dad.

    A couple of weeks after that I received an actual letter. I learned that I have siblings, and that my father is anxious to meet me, and hopes that someday we could visit one another.

    And the thing that really got to me is that this man isn't an atheist like he was when my mother knew him. He's a Christian- and a minister, no less.

    I was blown away.

    And stuff like that happens whenever I ask God for help, and pray with my whole heart. It's only my true prayers that are fulfilled in awe-inspiring ways like that.

    So, to answer your question, I think that you seeing and speaking with him may well be a sign of things to come. But I think it's important that you take advantage of what God is doing, and work with Him to achieve whatever it is you want to achieve.

  • no

  • I have to be honest here, and I'm not dissing your right to pray. Honestly, we all seek strength in different places, and I completely respect that. However, there is a major flaw in your reasoning. Prayer is one thing, but expecting God to deal with all your problems and taking care of your responsibilities for you is another matter altogether. You have to take personal responsibility for your own actions and confront your own problems, God isn't going to hold your hand and do all the work for you. It's your job. He can give you strength, but ultimately, you are the vehicle through which much of his work travels. You need to use the strength you derive from your faith to be responsible and handle your issues.

  • prayer is good because god listens to it , no matter what the answer is its lovely to know that he`s there and he listened...always add "like you want it god not like I do" to your prayer ..god is there he is good and never gives you bad things and he does give you signs he`s amazing!

    i think god is the answer ! but always ask for jesus he`s closer I know I like to do that.

    so my answer is that god gives you signs and never fails you !