When you pray for something, does God give you signs that the answer to your prayer is on the way?

I've been praying about a situation with someone.. we were close and then all of a sudden he stopped contacting me...i always prayed about it, but lately I had stop being so worrisome and anxious about getting my pray answered... So, I haven't seen or heard from this person I am praying about in 2 months,and then suddenly yesterday I saw him and he said hi to me..even though we didn't really talk, I was wondering could this one incident be a sign of things to come?


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  • Sometimes God gives us peace about the issue, and confidence to let go of our own understanding. We learn that sometimes He has a bigger plan that doesn't include what we want. BUT, I've learned that it always turns out for the better. I've had a lot of unanswered prayers, but thank goodness! I've had a pretty blessed life... and I've made a handful of ridiculous mistakes! But, also look towards whether the relationship is a healthy one, or if you're holding onto something for reasons that shouldn't be. Learn to practice good judgment. A lot of people say "look to God", but sometimes He gives you all the tools, and has you make it happen.

    God may not give you the answer that you want, but you will get the peace about the situation. Practice patience.

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      I get what you mean about the peace thing...i do feel a peace about it and I have kind of an "i don't really care what happens attitude"