Why does he look at me that way?

There is this guy, the most desired by all the girls and all the boys are dying to be friends with him. He seems to be interested in me. And the thing is, all these show he likes me. But I'm worried whether he really likes or if he is checking to see if I like him. He does quite a lot. and I'm sure... Show More

OMG>> today we had some kind of award ceremony.. and he was planning to go.. and I was staying.. so I was looking at him and he was looking at me.. but he went down with his bag.. and I was so sad. but he was staying. and I had to sit next to him...
and I had to sit next to him... right? he just started talking really loudly and laughing for the least funny comments.. and showing off... and I don't know.. he was turning towards me the whole time, I could barely breath in peace...
I can't believe he tricked me... I thought he wasn't going to stay.. and I was all pleading and looking into his eyes... jeez.. he can be such a meanie sometimes... and when he sees me again.. he looks at me, like, "TA DA, fooled you didn't I?" Jeezzzzzz.
im starting to think, this guy reminds me of how Edward stared at Bella when she came first day.. and he was HUngry... LOLL... kinda scares me imagining him as a vampire

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  • TRUST ME HE"S NERVOUS OF U! yea U! think about 4 A second I bet he can talk 2 any body else have conversations with whom ever bt when it comes 2 you he just stares its obvious he likes you but REALLY HE"S shy of you he wants 2 talk 2 you but don't know what 2 say trust me ima dude I know evry guy goes thru this bt ima tell you this you gotta get out of the staring game its OBIvious he's shy around you & vice versa MAKE HIM TALK 2 YOU ! try this next time he stare at you don't htink about it jus go up 2 him & spark a conversation & see what happens

    • Wow.. thanks... I sure hope so! :)