Will he miss me and come back after I give him some space?

my boyfriend of 10 months wanted a break because he has too much baggage in his life. ex wife/ and thinking about custody of his daughter..but he has no money.

i reluctantly ended it because I wanted more than he could give me and felt like such a burden on him. taking his time and energy etc. Now I want him back but he won't budge.

after that he occasionally called me/text and ask how I'm doing because eh said he missed me and still cared /has feelings for me but just wasn't ready for a relationship. but I kept saying I was regretful and wanted to go back to how things were and I'd be by his side through all his drama. I know this was probably wrong as you can't pressure a guy. it'll only make him run away.

his sister, my friend even said he's going through a time in his life where he's stressed and just wants to be alone. she told me to give it some months. its that he doesn't want to be tied down to anything. no responsibilities. Most likely because he already has so many from his last relationship.

i haven't spoken to him in nearly 2 weeks although I see him on msn and don't say anything just so he gets his space.

what should I do? I love and miss him so much. its crazy. should I give him some space to let him miss me? does that even work for guys? maybe then he'll realize what he has lost and come back when he's ready?

Please advise.

he also was quite rude to me after I kept bugging him and asking us to get back together. This has made me think twice and feel like I should leave him alone and let him think about what he's lost.



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  • Nope, Deal breaker! Get out now and get out for good. I know you don't want to here it cause you still have feeling but this guy is no good. Just in the brief examples you gave you can tell he's a loser. He has too much baggage for you to have to put up with and believe me it will weigh you down and eventually drown you.

    If he is going to be flaky like this now, how do you think its going to get better in the future. It seems like he has a history of running away from his problems which can only lead to more problems if you stay.

    For instance, Say you two stay together and then you get knocked up and his little sprat and then he decides that he can't handle the pressure and responsibility so he bails out. A year later you have a little one that counts on you for EVERYTHING and you can't even get ahold of this guy to buy some diapers. He will do whatever he can to not have to pay child support and you will be stuck raising a kid on your own with absolutely NO help from him. Meanwhile he is off at the coast with his next unsuspecting victim buying her a necklace with your diaper money.

    Do you really want that? Now I know that everyone is going to do what they want in the end but I'm telling you that if you choose to continue on with this loser, Three years from now you will look back and think WHY didn't I listen to the chick?

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      I have to tell you that you cannot comment on what this guy'd be like if the original poster had his child. Let me say I was in a long-term relationship with the only guy I've ever known who I could rely on 100%. We had a child and he was an amazing dad and could be counted on, but the relationship broke down and I left. Now 18 months he has nothing to do with our child, his priority is his new gf. He didn't get in touch at xmas. From great to crap dad. We are all shocked, you just can't tell.

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      You say "I cannot comment" meaning that I can't know and yes do a degree no one really know but the thing is you just say nearly exactly what I explained to this girl would happen has now happened to you. I could have told you that and sometime when not close to the situation its easier to spot these characteristics. In fact what you just explained is almost to the letter what happened to me. Creepy.