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Making eye contact and quickly looking away v.s. holding your gaze?

So you like this guy, and obviously you look his way when he comes near. You make eye contact with him and he either option #1- makes eye contact... Show More

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  • I believe that it is perfectly reasonable for the guy to be the one to create a scenario as well. If two people like each other and don't know each other very well, it's almost a game of trying to see who snaps first and makes an obvious move. As for your eye contact analysis, there is a possibility for the guy to like you, is shy, but forces himself to make eye contact because he believes logically that it helps, and then shy away.

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  • I like your reason because it might work for you because it sounds like you have him under you power or wing. And now he should be your.

  • i think you explained the differences in the eye thing perfectly

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