Guys - Help me out please- I am really confused about my coworker

So I work with a guy who is a rock star - very smart, educated etc. He does not come off as "shy" with anybody however this is how he acts with me (which makes me think he hates me).

- Stares at me

- Tries to catch my eyes and if I look into his eyes he doesn't smile he just continues to stare

- Often but not always get red cheeks when I suddenly appear

- Slyly grins at me (like a half smile) - while maintaining eye contact

- I've stared him down before cause he was staring at me and when we passed he said hello in soft deep voice

- Gets near me - real close in personal space but doesn't say anything

- Catch him glancing and looking away

- Acts awkward around me

- Never really talks to me

So af first I thought he liked me or something and then I found out he's been married for 6 years. So I've never had this happened before in such a strange manner.

I'm confused. Is this guy a 'creeper'? Does he hate me? It's really weird cause we work for same company and I see him like once a day.

What's his deal? HE'S NOT SHY - I've seen him in meetings and with other people -

I think you had a good handle on this question, thanks so much!


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  • He does not hate you. He is a creeper. He sounds like he likes you a little too much for a married man and that he would love to have sex with you if he could keep it all on the downlow. This is really inappropriate in the workplace. As you said, he is not shy, so he is putting himself out to you in a way that is probably designed to keep his co-workers off the track but make sure you know he is interested.

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      Well I'd never date or doing anything with a co-worker yet a man that's married!

      Creeper is the vibe I'm getting and you are probably right designing it so co-workers have no clue about his secret stare downs, sly grins, etc - unfortunate for me that I have to put up with it...sly tigers out hunting...makes sense although I seriously thought all that was some kind of hating game, lol - :) thank you!

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      I'd bet that Tamikaze's right. He probably wants an affair, and the faux-shy act is an attempt to maintain plausible deniability in case he gets caught.

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      That makes sense. He is strange for sure. He came over to my desk awhile ago and stood there and stared at me. He also attended one of my meetings and didn't announce himself.....ODD!!!!