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My boyfriend always thinks I'm lying?

My boyfriend always thinks I'm lying too him cause I have lied in the past a few times but no matter what I do he never can believe me he always... Show More

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  • Interesting choice of words --> "Convince"You don't need to persuade someone into believing you, either they do- or they dont. With your previous history in lieing and being caught, he has developed a profile for your character. If you were seen as a lier, it will take quite an ammount of effort to correct that judgement.I strongly recommend that both you and your boyfriend separate and move on. You shouldn't need to prove anything to your significant other if there was no hurt feelings, and additionally - he shouldn't have to assume you were lieing.Best regards,ArtistBBoy

What Girls Said 1

  • Well maybe, you need to really show him you've changed a lot and really care about him. Why even lie, don't you think he'd value your honesty more? If it's a lie about something that could end a relationship, then why do it in the first place?Try having a boyfriend who thinks you're lying when you've never even told him a white lie, yep that's what I am dealing with. He's the liar and projecting it on me.

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