How do I ask a guy if he is seeing someone else?

I've been on 2 dates with a guy who seems very laid back and quiet. We unexpectedly had sex on the first date and he told me not to worry because he wasn't the type to judge and he felt that I wasn't the type who would do that sort of thing. (One worrying thing though is he wanted to have sex... Show More

The guy confuses me! Is he is interested or not? He texts hi today. I respond "hi stranger. miss our chats. didn't want to ring in case I disturb you but best wishes for ur exam" he responds "thnx. free from saturday till I go away for xmas. Catch up soon
So after all your great advice, I told him I wasn't interested anymore. I didn't hear from him... He's back in my life. He rang me wishing me a happy new year. He wants to see me to "catch up" and says there are things he needs to tell me. I'll update you

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  • I don't know the dude but I think that you should just text him once in a while during the exam week, just to remind him that you think about him cz if he is serious about it like I am he wouldn't want someone trying to get too much of his attention during that time (im sure that you would feel the same if the roles were reversed) ... btw, yes we don't say no to sex to a girl we are interested in but we can wait, its not because a guy is not horny all the time that he doesn't want you. Wait until after the exams and see how things go ... we happen to have other priorities in life than just you girls (no offense)