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Why do guys hide things from their girlfriends?

I recently discovered a photo of my boyfriend licking another woman's face. The photos were from 10 months ago when he went to the races with the... Show More

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  • Well he was probably with the boys having a fun time doin things that he knows you wouldn't approve of, such as letting another woman lick his face because I would be pist to...he didn't tell you yes because he didn't want the drama but he should at least know telling you would have takin the edge off of finding out and wouldn't have you thinking what if? For the next time and if his other friends are single they probably promote certain things that guys do when they are single. I would say explain to him how your feeling "but" how he acted like it was nothing he probably will just act annoyed by you trying to get your point across sometimes the best way to get your point across is through your actions, punish him in a subtle but sweet way.

  • My boyfriend did almost the same thing. "it's nothing your over reacting".. I saw text msg and picture. Later to find out. They dated for a month. You have the right to over react and be upset. Me and my boyfriend both been cheated on in the past. But that didn't stop him from cheating. If you feel something is up then your first guess is correct.

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