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Muscular guys?

Do girls like it when a guy is buff? I'm not talking about "the hulk" or anything, just above average, you know, a bigger than average chest, bigger... Show More

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  • It's always nice seeing guys who are "buffed"! I mean its hot but that doesn't mean that the guys who aren't above average aren't great looking. In regards to whether it'll be to any advantage or not, I'd say it will definitely be an advantage! At least in my case it would be, I like muscular guys 'cause they give a sense of manliness and protection. It's just like a guy askin' for a girl with bigger boobs. Girls with bigger boobs or are in sense hotter... have better luck with guys then a girl who probably isn't "as good looking"

    So yea... being above average (buffed) will help you pick up the ladies! lol

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  • I like my guy to be in shape, but not too muscular. But I do like a nice chest and arms. I find it very sexy. And since I like to go to the gym to keep in shape, I'd expect my guy to do the same.

  • I think being in shape will definitely increase your chances. Although different women have different preferences for men. Some like them big and buff and other women like them tall and skinny.

    For me, I prefer men to be in shape but not huge. I think huge muscles are a turnoff, cause I feel it means the men are compensating for something else (just my opinion, sorry). I like them to look pretty average, but not necessarily above average. Hope that helps you.

  • I love it when guys are buff. My boyfriend is and I always want to show him off because of it. Girls usually feel more secure with guys who are buff plus they can always whoop the other guys' asses who mess with me! :)

  • It's definitely a plus for a quick pick up, but as boyfriend material goes as long as he takes care of his body/health I'm satisfied.

  • Buff guys are really hot, but any guy in shape give off a good first impression.

  • Very much its always good to be fit and strong I mean a girl likes to have a guy who can help fight some of her fights girls would also like to show you off.

  • I can't stand lots of muscle..it's just not hot, plus I'm a big cuddler, and it's not nice to cuddle with someone who's all muscle - that said I don't like overweight boys much either (no offense intended, it's just not my type..)

  • Yeah I suppose it would give you a bit of an advantage in terms of physical attraction. I like guys who are just slightly more buff than you're average guy. Strong arms, broad shoulders. Definitely a turn on for me. But too much muscle isn't good either. That's generally the sort of guy who plays a good amount of sport but doesn't work out too much at the gym.

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