Muscular guys?

Do girls like it when a guy is buff? I'm not talking about "the hulk" or anything, just above average, you know, a bigger than average chest, bigger than average arms etc. But not too big. But bigger than the average JOE. Do girls like those kind of guys?! Would that give guys an extra advantage when it comes to picking you up?! Or asking you guys to be their girlfriend? Opinions?!


Most Helpful Girl

  • It's always nice seeing guys who are "buffed"! I mean its hot but that doesn't mean that the guys who aren't above average aren't great looking. In regards to whether it'll be to any advantage or not, I'd say it will definitely be an advantage! At least in my case it would be, I like muscular guys 'cause they give a sense of manliness and protection. It's just like a guy askin' for a girl with bigger boobs. Girls with bigger boobs or are in sense hotter... have better luck with guys then a girl who probably isn't "as good looking"

    So yea... being above average (buffed) will help you pick up the ladies! lol