Why do guys insult their ex girlfriends so much?

The question basically says it all.

I broke up with my boyfriend a little bit ago. We were in a pretty serious relationship to the end of it though we always were in some type of fight when we weren't together. We were together for about 7 months. One of my "female" friends asked him how he felt and he told her that he was pretty sad but a little bit happy because the fighting was over.

A male friend of mine asked him and he called me names, picked on my weight (I'm 120 and 5'2", seriously?), and always would be like "f*** that bitch" or "I hate her."

Why?! I'm not sure what to do or say to that..

Does anyone have some similar experience or advice for me?

We talk every so often here and there and tomorrow I'm going to a party and he will be there and I would like a chance to get to talk to him in private.


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  • I totallly get you. One of my exes would talk crap with his friends and it would always get back to me. From texting me and being passive aggressive (he texted me saying "you've changed since we stopped going out. just changed." I asked him what, he says that I've become less attractive.) And now he talks crap to his girlfriend who then talks crap to her friends and so on. Soon enough you learn not to give a damn. They're doing it for a reason, because they messed up and they know it. Just ignore them and be better at everything you do, motivation (:

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      Thank you (: thank you (: