How do I fix my insecurity?

My boyfriend never gave me a reason to not trust him but for some reason I always want to go through his calls and texts. I know its wrong, I did something wrong involving his phone and he is very p*ssed at me and I told him I knew it was wrong for me to do and he said he feels he can't hang out or talk to any of his female friends because ill get mad. I don't want him to feel that way I told him that and I know that I am very insecure and I need to change but I don't know where to start I don't know how to not be so jealous I want him to feel like I trust him. How do I become a more secure person with him?


Most Helpful Girl

  • As a matter of fact, my girlfriend goes through my phone all the time. Text, calls, pictures, voice mail. I let her because I honestly have nothing to hide. And if I did I wouldn't be in a relationship with her, because I don't want to hide anything from her. I talk to her about it over and over, she's calmed down a bit over the few months. On the 21 we will be together for 7 months. I don't go through her phone just because I trust her. It all has to do with you and your way of thinking. I really wish she wasn't so insecure, because she won't really let me hang with my best friend but we can chill with hers all the time? Then she gets mad and throws "well why don't you go be with her if that's how you feel!" it pushes my buttons. And she know that. And when ever someone calls if its a female or something which is mainly my friends from school she's like oh is that your girlfriend calling or texting you. Ugh. But we have worked through it an she is doing a whole lot better. I don't know if this helped