Why do guys ask for nude pics of you?

My boyfriend asked me for nude pics of myself. And I got advice from one of my closest friends that's a boy, and he said to try it and if I didn't feel comfortable then to not do it again. And so I tried it and I didn't like it but my boyfriend wanted me to send more nude pics.

I told him no and he got mad at me. What is up with that? Is that all he wants? Then I broke up with him and he started begging me to give him another chance so I gave him one more chance but only because he said he would change for me. Has he really changed? Or do you think that he'll want more pics? Or ask for something else?


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  • He asked for nude pictures in the first place to beat off to when you are not around. I don't think you should be offended by the fact that he wants to masturbate to pictures of you. But the fact that he got angry because you wouldn't give him more pictures of you is really bad, selfish, childish, and disrespectful.

    If you don't want to give him any more pictures then he should recognize your limits and respect your privacy as a lady. It sounds like the 2 of you are not very close if he makes you uncomfortable. Something like this should be fun and interesting for a close couple who respect each other, care for each other, and are comfortable together (and as a result don't mind seeing each other naked). But that's obviously not you. I would be suspicious of his real intentions. It seems like he doesn't care about you and doesn't respect you as a lady.


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  • If this is the same boyfriend from your other question, I say it would be best to break things off with him. He obviously has a one-track mind at this time in his life. Try to get those pictures back if you can.

  • I just ask to see nude pics to see if they'll actually do it, most of the time they say no, so I just say ok cool no big deal. But be careful when giving out nude pics because you might just end up on the internet.

  • The only thing that I have to say about this is that you need to remember that in today's day and age, you need to be careful, because it doesn't take much for your naked pics to be put online forever. Sounds like you aren't close with the guy, I would hold back and not do it. It doesn't take anything for him to put it online.

  • He'll do and say whatever it takes to get you in bed or get some nude photos of you. Those men can't be trusted. Just break of with him because that's the only things he wants. And he know your pictures might be the next sensation on nude websites. Watch out


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  • I think giving him nude pics of yourself in the first place was a bad idea. You have no idea what he was doing with those pics. I mean, what if he was showing them around to his friends. Do you trust him enough in the first place for that?

    Secondly, if he got mad because you didn't want to give him more then that is just ridiculous. That is no reason to hurt a relationship and I think something fishy is going on with him.

    Be careful now that you all are back together and definitely do not share any more photos. If he asks again, tell him that he already has some, so he should look at those. I bet after time he will ask again, so be prepared with an answer.

  • Tell you the truth. I had a boyfriend like that. And he never changed. SO I'm telling you that he is with you just probably the pictures. But that's me.

  • See I am going through the same phase. When I said that I cannot send the pictures, and that I am not comfortable.. My boyfriend says that whom else will I ask for these? You're my girlfriend..
    Also before he proposed me.. He was very much in love with me and now just after 2-3 months.. We are behaving like normal friends.. What should I do? I love him a lot

  • I think he does not respect u