Do you care if your girl/boyfriend is smarter than you?

like not by a lot but more than what would be close, like its apparent.

  • Vote A I'm a guy, I like her smarter than me
  • Vote B I'm a guy, I don't like when she is smarter than me
  • Vote C I'm a girl, I like him smarter than me
  • Vote D I'm a girl, I don't like when he is smarter than me
  • Vote E I really don't care unless they are calling me stupid
And you are? I'm a GirlI'm a Guy
im not saying that she/he is stupid. just smarter or closer to ur intelligence level
its interesting that the people who did not choose E mostly prefer a smarter significant other


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  • Both sides have their benefits, if a woman is less intelliegent than me I can be more "unpredicatable" and surprise her in more unique ways, and flatter her more easily and not have to worry about her viewing my intelligence negetively. And if she's more intelligent than me and doesn't mind, then I have an opportunity to expand my knowledge and try to rise to the occasion.

    On the down sides of both however... being more intelligent (if it's too much so) than the people you surround myself with, I constantly feel misunderstood, and alone trapped in my own mind and that I have to dumb down most of what I say out of not wanting the other to get confused or lost in what I said... that's how it was in my first relaionship so I can honestly say it really sucks, she was intelligent in the ways that just weren't what I needed. Though not the same, I've had some incredible friends that blew me out of the water when it came to intellectual conversations, I was always worried that they might be feeling how I felt when I had to talk to people who weren't as intelligent as me, and I always had to stretch my mind to grasp much of what they said, but we got along very well and since I have the utmost admiration for intelligence I always valued those sort of relationships greatly.

    Over all I'd say a balance is best for a relationship that way it's not about intellectual superiority or inferiority and both parties can feel stimulated when they converse, and yet feel as though there's more room for improvement without having one or the other feeling poorly about not understanding something. To me it goes without saying that relationships should be founded on common interests and common ground.

    Best of luck to you and hope this answer helps.

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      Im not really looking for help mostly opinions but appricieated =]

      great answer thanks for submitting

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      Type, because I'm far more interested in intellectual stimulation, and the excitment of going out and doing new things, and finding creative ways to express my feelings when I'm in a relationship, maintaining a self-image is only part of it for me. Not all gorgeous women are just into looks, that's part of what makes being with tones that aren't that much more meaningful and special. Taking care of one's self-image doesn't hurt, and finding real love is important, more so than appearance,

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      And if you're honest, sincere and treat women well, I wish you the best of luck in finding a serious relationship with someone that has looks and brains, not just to show you what I mean, but so you can find someone incredible to be happy with. Best of luck and wishes to you.