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What does it mean when a guy smiles a lot whenever he looks at you?

but like never talks to you only says hi occasionally?

This question has a poll!

  • Vote A He is shy around you
  • Vote B He likes you
  • Vote C You just intimidate him
  • Vote D If its other, please give me ur opinion, thanks!!
well that guy is now engaged to some girl .. Lamo!

Most Helpful Opinion

  • I'd say A & B both. He certainly likes you, and probably wants to talk with you but is stumped as to what to say. I've been there.You might make up some excuse to talk with him just to break the ice, like ask him some question. Just make sure it's open-ended, not a question he can answer with a simple yes/no or other canned answer. If you have any sort of shared experience with him like a class or event, you could ask him what he thinks about it, and share your thoughts too. Depending on the guy it may take a few repetitions of this before he relaxes enough to start initiating the conversations...some of us guys are pretty oblivious. :)

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What Guys Said 7

  • well he's trying to make a pass at youu smile and bang on he approachesu turn away or ignore sorta thing,he knows he should'nt be crossing enemy territoryif he says just hi,well maybe he has nothing else to say or does'nt know wht to saymaybe a bit shyif you like him make sure you make the move

  • Smiles are often spontaneously triggered when one is positively stimulated by the environment around them. So yes, that means the guy likes you.Given the fact he likes you, he may only say "Hi" because he is too shy to initiate a meaningful conversation. Why is he shy? Because he is intimidated.Basically, this poll is pointless because all the answers essentially mean the same thing. A simple "Yes" or "No" question would yield better feedback.

  • It`s both A and B he likes you but he`s shy...

  • Likes you and is probably shy.However a smirk in the eyes and mouth means he's scornful of you.

  • he likes you and is shy too. not everyone knows what to do or what to say. spend a little bit of time with him. both of you just need give it some time to grow off each other.

  • Its both A&B, been there, done that.I currently like this girl and I have this really big smile on my face when we're texting each other

What Girls Said 7

  • You do know that a guy or girl for that matter can like a person and smile, just because and with no ulterior motives. It is a fact that it is easier to smile than to frown.

  • He could like you, but there are not enough signs, no one sign can tell you, you need to go off a collection of signs. I would read up about flirting body language on the internet and talk to him more and look for more signs before you make an assumption.

  • Under 18 totally shy, just go make the first move

  • poll is pointless, he likes you, is shy,and is intimidated

  • he likes you but is shy

  • smiling is just smiling, I wouldn't read too much into it. think about it, your friends smile at you. Does that mean that they like you? Probably not. It just means that he doesn't hate you.

  • he is everything in the poll so go talk to him and maybe he will ask you outU never really know

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