Should a woman pursue a man?

If he's "into you," then HE'LL pursue YOU.

It that correct? Guys,what do you think about, honestly?


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  • i think guys do pursue girls more often than the vice versa way. Even if a couple gets married, its highly unlikely that a man would wanna let his friends or kids even, know that 'OH MY WIFE ASKED ME OUT, AND GAVE ME HER NUMBER, AND MADE ALL THE MOVES, AND WOW 20 YEARS LATER WERE MARRIED'

    i think it should be equal and mutual, both the guy and girl should give hints they like each other, and make equal effort to pursue one should be consistent. The guy should usually make the FIRST move at least...or if the girl makes the first move, he should push up his game and put the shyness aside.

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      I agree with the part you wrote that if a girl give him hints,guy should make first move if he likes her. I think if a guy want something seriously with her,he will pursue. He can send me just ONE MESSAGE even if he shy,that won't kill him. Thank you.

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      Yes =) np best of luck