Should a woman pursue a man?

If he's "into you," then HE'LL pursue YOU.It that correct? Guys,what do you think about, honestly?


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  • i think guys do pursue girls more often than the vice versa way. Even if a couple gets married, its highly unlikely that a man would wanna let his friends or kids even, know that 'OH MY WIFE ASKED ME OUT, AND GAVE ME HER NUMBER, AND MADE ALL THE MOVES, AND WOW 20 YEARS LATER WERE MARRIED' i think it should be equal and mutual, both the guy and girl should give hints they like each other, and make equal effort to pursue one should be consistent. The guy should usually make the FIRST move at least...or if the girl makes the first move, he should push up his game and put the shyness aside.

    • Yes =) np best of luck

    • I agree with the part you wrote that if a girl give him hints,guy should make first move if he likes her. I think if a guy want something seriously with her,he will pursue. He can send me just ONE MESSAGE even if he shy,that won't kill him. Thank you.

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  • Think about this: Two girls like me. One girl pursues me, one girl doesn't.Do I skip the girl pursuing me for the girl showing no interest?

    • Honestly,I expect that guys like to pursue girls. Thanks everyone!

    • I think I understand what i-hedoniste is saying: he would be interested in the girl pursuing him because she's there for the taking and won't be hard work.

    • You completely misunderstood what I-hedoniste said. He was saying that two girls like him, and just because one doesn't pursue him doesn't mean she doesn't like him just as much as the other girl. Or at least that's how I interpreted it.

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  • that is not always correct. some guys are shy and believe that if the women doesn't show interest then they don't like them..some guys are shy..take me for trying to work on making the first move and not the girl but I am the shy type. but sometimes a guy does pursue a girl that they all depends on the guy..

    • Thanks freeman8..i totally agree

    • There's more to being a man than chasing girls.

    • I agree with Joshua. Being shy is a personality trait, usually of introverts. It doesn't make a person more or less manly because he is shy. When a shy guys has feelings for a girl, he may be even more shy than usual so he doesn't screw things up. I don't always do much pursuing because I frankly don't understand the games a lot of women play. Guys don't pick up on "signals" like girls do.

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  • Unless he's shy or insecure, he'll pursue you. You may want to give some strong hints. Like I've posted before; if he doesn't pursue you he's probably not interested, a guy can play "hard to get" but a guy's "hard to get" is no match for a girls.

    • Omg I've had the same problem as you! if you've indicated you're interested in him, and given him attention, and he's not coming after you, just back off and avoid him. Take his power, attention ego boost away! he's obviously immature and doesn't know what he wants, and is insecure because he can't grow a pair of balls to be straight forward and let you know if he likes you or not. Guys who keep you wondering are bad news! run away!!

    • I send him that signals! I congratulated his birthday,i gave him compliments.....and than arrived Holidays,and he did not do anything. I can't belive, if I gave him clear signals, why he can't do the same?If he can call his female frend for drink,on Facebook and write this over his wall,i think that he is not THAT shy, that he can't send me a message if nothing else, over Facebook.

    • If you really like him, keep letting him know. Some guys need more than a little push. However, he may not like you. Try to send him some really clear signals until you decide you've had enough.

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  • if a man really wants a woman he will pursue her. and by pursue, I don't mean stalk her, but he will make his intentions known. you do have to let him know that you are interested and will be receptive to his moves. he will do SOMETHING to let you know he's interested. personally I wouldn't pursue a man because if you pursue him he may just see you as something to do for the time being, not the girl he really wants. if a guy is too insecure and just sits there and does nothing even if he is really into a woman, then he is likely someone I wouldn't want to date anyway. for what its worth, every long term couple I know- the man pursued the woman. she didn't chase after him, he was pursuing her. you might get a date pursuing a man but if you're not what he really wants you won't make it long term

    • *flat not fat..

    • He's Just Not That Into Her is a joke. Some guys will still be afraid of rejection until the girl fat out says that she is into the guy. The question asker hasn't done this yet (I believe). So he may still have some doubt in his mind that is keeping him from directly pursuing her.

    • If he knows you are into him then the afraid of rejection reason goes out the window. How about he's just not that into her. I find it hard to believe that a normal guy would have never pursued any girl he was ever interested in. he may have liked the girl a little but not enough to make a move

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  • Some guys are just too shy/insecure/afraid of rejection to pursue the girl they like. It doesn't make them less of a man or "bad news," it just means they're human. Him trying to reach you through a friend (a lot), to me at least, is a good indicator that he is shy about directly reaching out to you. So here's an idea, why don't you pursue him?

    • Oh, and him reaching out to you through a friend is a "signal," so I'm not exactly sure why you're not treating it like one...

    • Some guys are just much more shy around girls they like, even if they are not shy normally. For example, I am not normally shy around anyone, but when it comes to the guy I like it's a totally different story.

    • Why he can over Facebook call female friends on coffee, he go out and take photo of him self....but when it goes to pursue a girl....there is a problem? I think that he has attention a lot of female friends and he simply enjoy that.

  • be say it's ok..just to get everything right away " why not? you pursued him! "..anyhow..I'd NEVER do that ! EVER !

  • yes!1