Why do women not like nice guys?

I just don't see the reason I need to be a jerk to get a girl. I mean I'm a really nice guy, that's just who I am. I am not going to change how I act just to get girls. They will just have to take me as I am. I just don't see why they like jerks when all jerks do is lie and cheat, and I'd never do that.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Some girls like a nice guy, some but most as in like 95% of them will go for a jerk. Now does that mean you have to become a jerk no not necessarily. I am just naturally a jerk to women and yes it gets me chicks, and yes I do have a gf, now have I cheated on her no. You see there is a big difference between being a nice guy and a good guy.

    To put this in a nutshell so to speak, a nice guy will get walked all over by women, constantly want to do things for them, always be there for her and very needy, and it makes her just want to punch the guy in the face. No backbone, no opinions for himself always agreeing with her even if she's wrong, basically a pussy, that's not what a woman wants.

    Now a good guy and a jerk are almost the same, except a jerk takes it to the extreme and a good guy won't. Girls absolutely hate a jerk, for being a jerk but fall for him every time, trust me on that one. A good guy has a backbone and just like a jerk has a life of his own he will disagree with a girl but at the same time won't degrade her, that's the key right there, have a backbone and if she's getting outta line, by crying over nothing, whining, or even throwing a fit because she didn't get her way, then if you can stand up to her for and tell her hell no not happening, better get over your little episode cause it's not going to fly with me, then my friend you can get a gf. If you give in to that crap, and let her have her way, your screwed man, she then knows what she can do and she will do it. If you tell her you will treat her like a princess she will walk all over you and take advantage of it.

    So tell me when you get a girlfriend or try to get one what do you, how nice are you to her and what do you think goes wrong?