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What does "give me some top" mean?

a lot of guys asked me that question?

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  • I've never heard that expression before so I don't know. I can only guess he wants you to give him a blow job.

What Guys Said 8

  • sounds like give me some dome or something

  • Never heard that one before. Must be some local slang term. :p

  • this just means he wants you to give him head/blow job.

  • they was asking you was can you suck their d***

  • T.O.P. stands for tongue on penis...aka blow me aka suck me off aka suck my d***...it really fairly simple.

  • Definitely means give me a B J, blowjob or watever... I use this word all the time...

    Chicago guys use this word on the regular..."She got that TOP"... or, "Top me off ma"...

    "Give me some top"...

  • Sounds like some perverts want you to flash them your breasts...

What Girls Said 5

  • never heard it

  • lol I havn't ever heard that...

  • check on urbandictionary.com it might be there. I have heard of that expression either.

  • never heard of it but its probablly another way to say gimme that beckyy...? urban dict. might hellp

  • probably means gimme that becky! = give me some head = blowjob = oral sex

    tell them to f*** off that's pretty disrespectful just to ask you for it

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