What's the worst mistake a guy can make within the first few dates with a new girl?

All in the title : )


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  • Not try anything physical. Try holding her hand, or kissing her.

    • Thank you...I used to be shy about that. But I realized that us men have to make the move because the girl's not going to. Again the right amount of physical contact is important. As long as the guy is confident with his actions, she will follow.

    • I agree with you MaxPrime, and Anonymous User...I'm still shy about this, and I have no Idea how to work up the confidence...the "just do it" advice doesn't seem to be doing it for me : /

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  • "Yo baby I LOVE those pants, you know where they would look great? My bedroom floor"

    And that would be my cue to exit lol

  • The WORST mistake he can make is to expect sexual relations within the first few dates. If he attempts that then a girl like me will hit the road and never call again.

  • if we were going out for dinner perhaps, if he lacks table etiquette... that's a huge thing to me whether its on the first date or last! if he chews with his mouth open or perhaps makes noises, burps..etc, that would be a major : good - bye!

    another major thing that I hate, also it doesn't matter if its a first date or last lol , if he flirts or stares at other women, even though am not going to be jealous cause its the first few dates but cmon! respect the gurl you came with and keep your eyes on her for a change!

  • all of the above

    aaah but this one guy I dated liked roughhousing a little too much. it was in fun and all, so that was fine to an extent but I'm not one of the guys- in the sense that I'm pretty small and light. I don't mind playful physical contact but I also like to walk in a straight line, thanks. it reallyyy annoyed me.

    he also did funny accents a lottttt- I think he did it cause he was nervous. it also kind of annoyed me, but that was a personal preference.

    anyways, can't really think of anything for real since it's all been said.

    ooooh, don't be too quiet or talk too much. I think both people should participate in the conversation equally. that's when you know you're enjoying yourself!

  • dont bring up ur ex try talking about things you have in commen share intrest

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  • Being too forward and revealing too much.

  • don't rush. you got plenty of time

  • worst mistake hmm... id say it would be after a meal you would Say "O man I forgot got my wallet well its on you =D" but I am pretty sure you won't do that.

    • Haha...I guess honest mistakes happen for the best of us, but yeah that would be a pretty terrible one to make...