Literally speaking from your experience, what does it mean to 'get attached'?

What do you suppose a guy - or you, if you are a guy would mean if you said "I don't think this is a good idea {Kissing} ... I'll get attached or you'll get attached".

I am sure I am supposed to know what that it means , & that it may not even be meant as an insult... I just do not see how it is not an insult - to myself or him... He did to say it in a bad way, but the term itself is a little absurd to me.

Why would someone want to get attached?

Well at least first of ll what is it? I am just not coming up with anything at does not haven negative connotation to it. So, if anyone could he enlighten me, I'd love to not have a bad opinion of said person. :)

Can someone explain to me what it mean to them {I mean the Person writing a response}

Thank You.
I justv want to comment here. people seem to be very wrapped up in this thing about gettingvhurt or being hurt simply by spoendingtime with someone you may like. There si more to spending time with people other then how you feel. Thre is an experience.
There is what you can learn during the process. If you never get involved in something that may end that is pathological. No one would ever travel or take course or be in a play.

It is natural for thing to come into being & pass away.
There is like this tyrannical control people try to attain by guarding there feelings or someone else in a game that is simply not predictable -- It's called life. I understand if he is worried about himself, but I know we may never
see each other again. I have come to terms with it, I accept it, & I still want to spend time with him.

What would bother me is missing out on knowing him now. If he is insisting on 'worrying' about me , it just gets in the way.
I relate to people as in an experience... Not something to have or keep, like a commodity that I will get used to owning then one day have to loose.. You do not loose an experience you already had, just loose out on the ones you never had.


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  • The phrase "Becoming attached" is almost a synonym for emotionally involved. I had a personal motto to never become attached to anyone because I didn't want to be in a position where it seemed like my life only revolved around the guy that I was dating. It's convenient to not become attached if you have other goals in your life that you don't want anything to intervene with. At least that is from my personal perspective.

    I don't think of attachment as equivalent to a guy being a commodity. If this was the case then you are probably going to be the psycho-girlfriend who wants to pick a fight with any girls who accidentally brush against your guy. I am currently in a relationship where I have allowed myself to become very attached. It's not as bad as I thought it would be but it has changed my priorities. I'm more concern with seeing him as much as possible when before I preferred to see my boyfriend only a couple of times a week. If I don't get to hear his voice, I tend to make an effort to talk to him where as before I wasn't that concerned if I talked to him or not.

    So my guess is that he is thinking somewhere along those lines.

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      Well, no need to apologize. I just wanted to know what other people thought of this. Not necessarily what he MEANT. I do not think even HE knows what he means.... What you are describing as what you act like when you want to be with a guy, well that would make me feel very uncomfortable, beausei am not at apint in my life wher I can afford to feel like I am revolving anytyhig round a person.. I need to KNOW what ios happening in my lif & no one is going to be so clear that I can know as well i

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      Can be when I am solo.. I have known him for 3 years, & since everyone is different, I know I will never feel with anyone else the way I feel about him, or about myself with him. I value this, & it is worthwhile even for a day... I am leaving soon so the idea of expecting anything out of this is a bit delusional... I not know if he is freaking out cause he assumes ANY female is going to get attached, or anyone IN LOVE , or he is just worried about himself.. That is why I asked others