What does it mean when a guy buys you presents?

I've known this guy for awhile but we've only been hanging out (every 2-3 weeks) for the last few months. Lately he's been taking me out to movies and paying, being a total gentleman but not really trying to hold my hand (then again he's terribly shy in that regard). He did however, buy me two presents and one is at least $20. I had no idea we were exchanging gifts. We get along really well but we're not like bff.. I'm sure the crush is mutual but is buying me gifts a sign he wants more or what?

He hasn't bought any other girls gifts that he is friendly with.

Thanks for the replies! I know he's not trying to get into my pants haha.. and I opened his other gift.. he spent at least $60 and got me the thing I absolutely wanted.. Totally unexpected. Any idea how I can show him how thankful I am?


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  • I'd say, definitely a sign that he's into you and wants more. If you're getting a little nervous about moving too fast, just tell him that, and if you like him--pay attention, because this is deep, lol--keep the atmosphere flirty and fun so that you don't get bored by his "gentlemanly" behavior. Best of luck.


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  • Giving you a gift can def just mean that your friends but looking at your situation he def likes you. When a guy a shy and he behaves like a gentleman it is because he cares. Take it from me who has done so much for my gfs. Show him how thankful you are by maybe giving him something back doesn't have to be expensive just something that shows that you care because obviously he does.

  • It's an expression of interest. He likes you. Maybe he wants to get in your pants, maybe he wants to marry you. The present just signifies his feelings for you.

  • I think you just need to sit down with him alone and discuss it. Sit next to him facing each other and either hold his hand or place a hand on his knee. Tell him that you have noticed how nice and thoughtful he has been with you over the past few months and tell him how much you appreciate it. Also say that you have noticed that he doesn't buy gifts for any of his other female friends as far as you've seen and make him aware that you do not expect it. Then just ask him if he feels that there could be a mutual feeling of something more than just good friends between you. Make sure that he hears the word mutual which should give him reassurance that you like him. If he says yes then you win.

    If he says no then you still win as you have not made a blatant pass at him and therefore not made an arse of yourself. You will still have a great friend who obviously cares for you.

    Good Luck :)


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  • he's obviously trying to captivate you with his gifts and trying hard to get you to like him.

  • I would say from they way he is buying you gifts that you absolutely wanted would suggest he listens to what you say and is interested. Simply put... He likes you

  • Guys does'nt buy gifts for every girl... maybe he really really likes you or maybe he is doing that to get into ur pants but you should test him a little bit more so that ur sure that he's really interested in you and not gonna play with ur feelings!

    Best of luck!

  • He digs you.