What does it mean when a guy buys you presents?

I've known this guy for awhile but we've only been hanging out (every 2-3 weeks) for the last few months. Lately he's been taking me out to movies and paying, being a total gentleman but not really trying to hold my hand (then again he's terribly shy in that regard). He did however, buy me two presents and one is at least $20. I had no idea we were exchanging gifts. We get along really well but we're not like bff.. I'm sure the crush is mutual but is buying me gifts a sign he wants more or what?

He hasn't bought any other girls gifts that he is friendly with.

Thanks for the replies! I know he's not trying to get into my pants haha.. and I opened his other gift.. he spent at least $60 and got me the thing I absolutely wanted.. Totally unexpected. Any idea how I can show him how thankful I am?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I'd say, definitely a sign that he's into you and wants more. If you're getting a little nervous about moving too fast, just tell him that, and if you like him--pay attention, because this is deep, lol--keep the atmosphere flirty and fun so that you don't get bored by his "gentlemanly" behavior. Best of luck.