Why won't my girlfriend text back?

Well I have been dating this girl for almost a month and everything was going just fine we would talk all day and tell each other goodnight and even if we didn't talk during the day we would at least say goodnight. But just recently if I text her she usually won't text back like if I text her to say "Hi" or something I don't get a reply I text her goodnight and no reply still. I didn't know what to do and I didn't want to seem clingy or too attached so I stopped texting as much now I send about one or two a day and I still don't get a reply. I don't know if I'm looking into this too much or what but I don't know what to do..


Most Helpful Girl

  • well, she probably dosen't text as often cause she doesn't wanna sound desperate. also, during the first month of the relationship texting is a BIG thing for girls but then it just dies down cause we are CONFIDANT in knowing that the guy is actually interested so that is why we don't do it as much...she could also be busy which is why she does not respond to "hi" it dosen't seem important enough...just take it like it goes...dont over text just text when you wanna go out and stuff and see how spending time with her goes. if she seems very distant in person then you can worry...if hanging out is the same, then don't worry!

    please answer my recent question...I would appreciate it:)