Girls that call you names? For example ''loser'' but don't mean it?

yeah well I was just wondering a lot of girls call me names jokingly obviously and by the way I'm not a loser or ugly ahhaha half the girls that do call me names end up liking me but anyway...girls that do that is it their way of flirting differently :| the name calling is mainly over the internet... Show More

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  • [ Reality Check ] + psychology

    - It's bothering you, otherwise you wouldn't be asking about it (The name calling)

    - You try to believe highly of yourself, but are having difficulty with the self-esteem part

    - You like to impress people (You're trying to blow this off likes it's nothing)

    - Name calling, is not "Fun" or "Flirty"


    Talk to them just like normal, they are your friends - but when they say something about you being a jerk, don't be a pushover and DO NOT SAY:

    "It really hurts my feelings when you say that..."


    "Jesus! Aren't you a b___h?"

    What you do want to do - is to reinforce what works, if they start name calling to get your attention (just like the kid that pokes you physically trying to have you pay attention) - IGNORE them. Don't give them the time of day, if they are excessive and/or abusive with it - then bluntly say "Enough - I like your company, but I won't be belittled for someone elses' entertainment"

    Anyone that thinks this is "fun" "flirty" or otherwise, simply finds it fun with a BEST friend, which is different than a relationship. You wouldn't go up to your wife and go "Hoe- get me some milk" (sarcasm)

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    • Nah its not bothering me man haha I wanna know if a girls way of flirting or what :p

      nah I don't have trouble with self esteem either

      name calling can be flirty and its not bad the way they say it lol

      and ohh yeah they don't call me a jerk or anything like that its all joking sorta stuff brah

      thanks for the good reply though I get where your comming from but nah its just curiousity

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    • Claro que si - Solo tuve un poco del espanol en collegio... Pero estoy trabajando para un compania que trata de assister las personas con problemas del mobile (fonos).

      Luego - hasta manana wey, necesito hacer trabajo lol~ ArtistBBoy

    • Haha I'm suprised that I understood every word , I can't write in spanish but I understand it for some reason :D

      its good that your looking after people ayy