Girls that call you names? For example ''loser'' but don't mean it?

yeah well I was just wondering a lot of girls call me names jokingly obviously and by the way I'm not a loser or ugly ahhaha half the girls that do call me names end up liking me but anyway...girls that do that is it their way of flirting differently :| the name calling is mainly over the internet but yeah girls why exactly do yous do it hahajust wondering cause the majority that do it end up liking me (not sounding up myself but its true.)


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  • [ Reality Check ] + psychology- It's bothering you, otherwise you wouldn't be asking about it (The name calling)- You try to believe highly of yourself, but are having difficulty with the self-esteem part- You like to impress people (You're trying to blow this off likes it's nothing)- Name calling, is not "Fun" or "Flirty"etcTalk to them just like normal, they are your friends - but when they say something about you being a jerk, don't be a pushover and DO NOT SAY:"It really hurts my feelings when you say that..."|OR|"Jesus! Aren't you a b___h?"What you do want to do - is to reinforce what works, if they start name calling to get your attention (just like the kid that pokes you physically trying to have you pay attention) - IGNORE them. Don't give them the time of day, if they are excessive and/or abusive with it - then bluntly say "Enough - I like your company, but I won't be belittled for someone elses' entertainment"Anyone that thinks this is "fun" "flirty" or otherwise, simply finds it fun with a BEST friend, which is different than a relationship. You wouldn't go up to your wife and go "Hoe- get me some milk" (sarcasm)Best regards,ArtistBBoy

    • Haha I'm suprised that I understood every word , I can't write in spanish but I understand it for some reason :Dits good that your looking after people ayy

    • Claro que si - Solo tuve un poco del espanol en collegio... Pero estoy trabajando para un compania que trata de assister las personas con problemas del mobile (fonos).Luego - hasta manana wey, necesito hacer trabajo lol~ ArtistBBoy

    • Haha you fluent in spanish , I know it pretty good (half south american) :D

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  • it's somewhat a girls way of flirting and were trying to make you say something back if you no there jokeing then that means the girls into u

  • Well it is because - for me anyways - we get nervous, and it's like a reflex kind of thing - *giggle* " you loser" - we don't mean it, and most of the time we wish we could tell you we like you but we are too prideful,l too scared to do it. hope this helped in any wayhave a nice day P. =]

  • Dont worry about ir. Some of us are too proud or too chicken to tell a guy [specially a friend] "I like you", so [speaking for my self] I tease them are joke around saying "haha, loser" or other kind of stuff that shouldnt be taken seriously, because as far as I'm aware I'm not making the guy uncofortable.In this case, joke around with them too, but do not cross the line that makes you being different of a gentleman dude to a total douche that makes heavy-not cool jokes.Well, this is of my point of view haha.Good luck (:

  • Some girls do this to flirt. Or They don't want to tell you they like you when they actually do like you. Like me if I like a guy I call him names but inside I like to him a lot but I like to annoy him. You know what dey sed that's how mommy and daddy started out. N dey have been liking you for a long time.

    • Haha yeah sounds about spot onn thanks for the reply

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