Guys, what do you think of "good girls"?

A girl who doesn't smoke, drink, party-hard, never had sex, never done anything just because she can, chooses to wait for the right guy instead of f***ing around, chooses academics instead of alcohol... someone who is weird and fun and knows how to have fun without sex, cigarettes or alcohol. a complete good girl who has all respect for herself. a girl who won't change herself for anyone. not someone who is completely boring, but a good girl who knows how to have fun?

I didn't know there were guys that liked good girls. I'm only 19, I thought most guys my age just want(ed) sex... :/


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  • I'm not your age; I'm 36. Let me say this; keep doing what your doing. Don't change for any guy. It's perfect that you choose academics over getting wasted (though, these are your carefree college years; you might want to just let go every now and then. But, stick to your principles.) There is so much life after college. On graduation day, you'll be suited for the world ahead prepared for a career rather than enter a world with issues, hang-up, and hindered by emotional insecurity. You're doing well don't let anyone convince you otherwise.


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  • A good girl huh...

    Well there are a lot of guys that like that type of girl. It is the good men wish they could date, but instead we get the crazy girls that can't even use a gas pump. I dream of a woman that doesn't smoke, drink, party-hard (constantly), sleep around, sticks to her academics, and respects herself and her peers...but that is it, just dreams. I've never find a woman like that and I laugh in the mirror every time I think I can.

    Please stay a good girl maam.

  • Love "good" because their the only girls I care about. As far as I'm concerned party girls are the least attractive and more repugnant than Ann Coulter. A girl with brains, doesn't drink, smoke, or conform is the ultimate woman. A tip of the cap to you.

  • I absolutely love good girls and would spend all the riches, popularity, and materials I have to find one that I could be with. Sadly I never have... I don't think I ever will.

  • I think it's great. Self morale Belief is a key for me.

    Good Luck.

    - Harvey D

  • Wow - I wish I could find a woman like you, I wish I could date one...

    And judging from the responces here, I'm not the only one who likes women like this, and I'm sure you can find men around where you live who feel the exact same way

    • While a lot of guys may just want sex, there are still those that actually are much more respectful and want to be with you because of your personality and who you are as a person. A lot of these guys though can be really shy or already taken, which is pretty understandable

  • I thought these kinda of girls were only a dream. This is what I'm looking for but haven't found it yet. It's good to know I'm not the only one looking.

  • I will take a good girl over a alocloic whore anyday

  • All those traits sound like the girl I'm currently dating. Keep up the good work.

  • Perfect...

  • wish I could find a girl just like you honestly


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  • I'm a good girl... minus the fact that I've been with my boyfriend for 3 years, and yes, we started having sex.

    I've tried drinking - hated it. I often feel like being a good girl just makes me unlikeable to everyone around me, makes me incredibly boring. They're all partying it up, whoring it up, smoking it up. And I'm just... trying to get into vet school!

    It's nice to see these comments about guys liking good girls! I understand I have a boyfriend and shouldn't be concerned, but it's still nice to see!

  • thank you for asking this question, I'm curious too. I'm the epitome of the good girl.

    • I think that's what we all look for in a woman. A perfect person to come into our lives. I think, and believe that's the perfect woman right there. Keep it up.....

  • Most good girls quit being good after their freshman or sophmore year in high school, is my understanding. But some stay good forever lol.

  • Haha. Dang, I am as shocked as you are.

    I have been single for a while because I am a "good girl".