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5 Reasons Why It's OK to Be Single?

5 Reasons Why It's OK to Be Single? What do you think?

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  • Just 5? lol- More time to yourself!- More money to yourself!- No yelling, nagging, complaining, or other controlling behaviors to deal with.- Not having to care about keeping anyone else besides yourself happy.- You can come home after work, jerk off to the most gorgeous women on the face of this planet since human existence, and go to sleep without ever having to say a word, listen to anyone's crap or stories, or talk at all.

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  • Freedom is the big one. Everything else listed will fall in that category one way or another. Next you're still young so take some time to develop yourself and find out whoyou are then add someone esle to that.

  • N/A.

  • - You won't have to meet any parents or family related- You won't be afraid or feel guilt in making out with more than one people- You won't be scared of someone betraying you- You control your life- You can go to any place or be with who ever you want without having to tell anyoneMUCH MORE !

  • -- You don't have to pretend to like someone's friends or family.-- You have an excuse to be selfish and self-centered.-- You control the remote, the stereo, and the thermostat.-- you come home after a bad or tiring day at work and you don't need to exchange a word with anybody.--No arguing!

  • There will not be rejectionThere will not be arguingThere will not be betrayingThere will not be remorseThere will not be lack of your time.

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  • 1. Freedom - You don't have to tell anyone where you are 2. No drama 3. You have time to really figure out what you want out of lifeI can't think of any more reasons. Being single sucks!

  • 1.Free time2.Don't have to give explinations3.No stress4.You can hang with your friends when you want5.No one can hurt your feelings

  • freedom to1. date other men2. watch whatever movie or show I want3. act like a child or crazy sometimes by cutting my hair or dyeing it hot pink lol4. party like a rockstar5. plan a trip of my own and my girl without seeking someones permission!

  • you can do what you wanttalk to anyone you want you don't have to worry about what someone will think if you do somethingyou can be yourself

  • ew I hate being single. buuuut let's see:-you get to meet new people and explore options aka freedom-no drama of fights, being afraid of his parents liking you, worrying about what's ok and what's no ok, all sorts of drama-more time to concentrate on life and friends and school and work. its amazing what one can accomplish when they're not having 5yr fights (which disables you from another 5 hrs of work), or 2 hr conversations at like 2am when you have to wake up at 6am.-better to be single than be in an unhappy relationshipi really don't think anyone has to tell you it's ok. I'm pretty sure the ratio of single people to couples is greater. there is nothing wrong with being single.

  • 1. you have your freedom and are totally independent2. you can have fun without haveing to feel bad about it3. no drama4. no heartbreaks5. club nights are more fun

  • Um, well I don't know about five specific reasons, but I don't see why it wouldn't be okay to be single. It's your life, and you're not hurting anyone, are you?

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