Do guys perfer a girl with a rock hard stomach or soft?

So would you rather a girl have a stomach like Jessica alba or Scarlett Johanson (or body in general) thanks! Really appreciate it!


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  • Jessica has more of a sporty, hip, modern, LA girl look. Scarlett on the other hand has a very classic, timeless, clean, European look. Jessica is a diamonds girl while Scarlett is a pearls girl. I prefer Scarlett simply because she can carry off a variation of looks while looking incredibly sophisticated and elegant. Jessica has more of a 'sex' appeal about her, more of a swimsuit kind of gal. Scarlett is classic beauty, but less trendy so therefore far more timeless. She has more of renaissance, rubenesque look about her. Scarlett I could see modeling for a top designer, whereas Jessica would be doing something a bit more commercial. Both women are beautiful in their own right, but in a different manner. Both are also very gorgeous!

    • How come people are down-rating this answer without any explanation?!

    • I more or less agree. I will say I don't like that "classic" kind of look at all, personally, though. It's a big turn-off. Jessica Alba on the other hand, is surprisingly amazing. No I don't expect everyone to match her or be like her or anything, but I do think she's looks great.

      Scarlett looks like a mother, somebody whose purpose is to make babies, be helpless, traditional and serve "her man." Alba looks more useful/independent, like she would be a good "partner" rather than housewife.

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  • I like them flat. Well at least kinda and SOFT! Add that to a big butt and it's omg wfhwkhfhbdqugwduqwg! Haha!

  • I agree with Avalace. It's too much when a girl has bulging abs. A girl with a toned/flat stomach is best, but if it had to be extremely one way or the other, I would choose a soft stomach over a bulging 6 pack on a girl.

  • As long as you don't take steroids or something, I don't think a girl can actually overdo it to the point they become unattractive with too much muscle. Those kind of muscles are not easy to get, and especially for a girl. Anything you can do naturally will probably be beautiful - healthy is beautiful!

    If by some freak chance you somehow got to a point where you thought it made you less attractive, I can promise you it'll be easier to lose that muscle than gain it (unless maybe you have some kind of physical labor intensive job?)

    There is a point where too much is too much, but I think girls worry about it too much and don't realize that using your muscles is not going to turn you into Hulk Hogan overnight. This doesn't mean you HAVE to go and work on it to be attractive, but if you want to there's really no reason to hold back, go for it.

  • I prefer Jessica Alba. I like the stomach of someone who is in shape but not muscular. Bulging stomach muscles can be quite disturbing.

  • Fit but not mean!!!

  • As long as she isn't super ripped I'm good, I prefer flat stomachs over big ones if that was what you were asking ^^

  • I like it when a girl's toned but not muscular

  • Girl's bellies are best when round and soft. They can bulge a bit, no big deal, but round and soft is the best.

    I do like a fit woman's body, but rock-hard abs are by no means necessary or even desired.

  • Apparently readers of this question disagree with people who are or like thin stomachs. Not all people like thick ya know.


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  • Well, I'm pretty athletic and am a runner. So my stomach is hard and flat. But, its not like I have abs or anything. And its soft too. At places. Its hard below my chest and then softer near the belly button. Guys I hang out with love my stomach. So I guess I shouldn't be worried.

  • My stomach is flat but still soft and not full of muscles like a body builder :P

    and my boyfriend loves it that way!

  • I think they are both beautiful in their own way! Guys like a variety, just embrace who you are

  • Every guy I've known seems to have Jessica Alba on a pedestal, she's like every man's dream girl and many girls would kill to look like her. Myself included.

    I'm not a guy and I am straight but I've always found Jessica Alba to be the most perfect looking girl, she has it all, great body, gorgeous face, great skin, tan. Shit, I envy her lol True, she does work hard to stay in shape, literally she's said she spends hours a day at the gym.

    I've never found Scarlett to be particularly attractive. She's not ugly, but she's not pretty and her figure's not all that.