Do guys perfer a girl with a rock hard stomach or soft?

So would you rather a girl have a stomach like Jessica alba or Scarlett Johanson (or body in general) thanks! Really appreciate it!


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  • Jessica has more of a sporty, hip, modern, LA girl look. Scarlett on the other hand has a very classic, timeless, clean, European look. Jessica is a diamonds girl while Scarlett is a pearls girl. I prefer Scarlett simply because she can carry off a variation of looks while looking incredibly sophisticated and elegant. Jessica has more of a 'sex' appeal about her, more of a swimsuit kind of gal. Scarlett is classic beauty, but less trendy so therefore far more timeless. She has more of renaissance, rubenesque look about her. Scarlett I could see modeling for a top designer, whereas Jessica would be doing something a bit more commercial. Both women are beautiful in their own right, but in a different manner. Both are also very gorgeous!

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      How come people are down-rating this answer without any explanation?!

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      I more or less agree. I will say I don't like that "classic" kind of look at all, personally, though. It's a big turn-off. Jessica Alba on the other hand, is surprisingly amazing. No I don't expect everyone to match her or be like her or anything, but I do think she's looks great.

      Scarlett looks like a mother, somebody whose purpose is to make babies, be helpless, traditional and serve "her man." Alba looks more useful/independent, like she would be a good "partner" rather than housewife.