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When a guy says there's no chemistry what does it mean?

When a guy says there's no chemistry what does it mean?

when a man want to have sex with you unprotected., on the first date and you refuse what does that mean if now he's not into u.

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  • Wait, unprotected sex the first date? Um.. guys hate condoms, sure. But on the first date! You don't know his sexual history because most guys lie about it. Sounds a little sketchy. I'd be careful!

  • I've said that before and it basically meant that I didn't see her and I being compatible. It could be for many different reasons ranging from: personality to attraction.

What Girls Said 5

  • Sorry but I think it means he's not interested...

  • babe

    it means he's just not that into you

    or he wants to be friends

  • there was no spark

    he wasn't feeling it

    he didn't like you in that way

  • Well he was just trying to get in yor pants and was trying to see if you where easy. Get away from him quick this guy isn't the sort you wanna keep around. You did the right thing by saying no, especially as he wanted to have unprotected sex that's just stupid on his part.

  • hes just not that into you

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