Can a guy lose interest in a girl quickly if she doesn't show interest in him?

If a guy has a crush on a girl and flirts with her and stuff, would he lose interest quickly if she doesn't flirt back or show any signs of liking him?


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  • Absolutely. He's being vulnerable, in a sense, by continuing to show interest -- so if you have no interest in him, there's no sense in him continuing to flirt. It doesn't mean that it wasn't real to begin with, or that he was trying to lead you on... he just doesn't want to look foolish continuing to get your attention if you aren't interested.

    That said, it doesn't mean it is too late... if you show a little interest in him, I'm sure he'll come right back to flirting with you again.

    Good luck!


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  • Of course. Wouldn't you feel silly if you were flirting with someone and they were showing no signs of interests back?

  • Precisely.

  • Yeah.


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  • yeaa because I no this guy liked my best friend and she did to but she never showed hem so he just stoped flirtng with her

    guy just don't like beging