My girlfriend keeps lying to me, what should I do?

i have been with a girl for 4 months now...and I really love her so much,and she told me that she loves me too... my problem is that she keeps on lying to me ,especially when its has to do with hanging with her male friends I caught her lying to me more than once and she says that she was afraid of me and that's why she lies although I didn't get angry with her (a little not much) and every time she promises me that she would be honest with me.

last time she promised is this Friday and today (Sunday) I caught her lying AGAIN to hang around with a male friend, so is there any way I could make her be honest with me?


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  • Unless you tackle this serious issue NOW, your relationship will be in serious trouble. I am going to make a couple of assumptions and please correct me if I am wrong. Are you or do you get jealousy easily? Is it possible that you gave her this impression and thus she is hiding things? You indicated that at one point, you got a little angry when she said she was hanging out with guy friends. There have been no other occasions where you got more than a little mad?

    If these things did happen then there has to be a consensus. If they didn't happen then you need to have one FINAL discussion with her. She needs to understand that trust is essential in a relationship. Once the trust is gone then most of the time the relationship will falter. I would give her one more chance to earn your trust and respect back. However, the moment she lies again then tell her it'll be over for good. Then, make good on this. Because, I can tell you that if she is lying about small things like this then she will probably lie about many other things.

    The decision is yours.

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      Yes iam jealous but I can't help it...its kills me when I see her sitting close with another guy, I even get jealous when someone handshakes with her!

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      Thank you for your honesty. This is why she is hiding things but again it doesn't justify her lying. You are a guy and I know part of the jealousy stems from you knowing how a guy thinks. She doesn't know this. Just remember, she is with YOU and not them. I think if you educate her about how a guy thinks then she might approach things differently.

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      I swear I tried ....but every time I catch her lying it gets worse and I get these pictures of her cheating in my head every time she goes out without me :(...

      thanks a lot for ur answers it really helped!