Does it look gay for a guy to wear a scarf, or do girls like it? Girls answer only please!

Iv always wanted to buy one and wear it when I go out because sometimes I think they look pretty cool on guys, but do girls think it looks hot on a guy, and does it make them think your cute and comfortable with your sexuality? Or does it make them think your gay and divert their interest from you? Btw I'm 100% straight and am just curious about what girls think.


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  • they can be hot on a guy. I would think he has a sense of style if he can wear a scarf complimentary to his outfit. I always thought it was cute

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  • it's a matter of opinion and it depends on the color and what he's wearing it with. in London it's the norm for guys to wear plaid scarves and fitted jackets with lapels with tight tee-shirts underneath or a button down.

    in the US, it's a little more metrosexual.

    so no, to me, I think it shows that he has style and that he's also likes to keep his neck warm =)

  • No, it does not look gay! Men in europe and in old movies wore them all the time. It looks hot if you have that manly pose and just wear it like you don't even know its there! It can look very sexy and cool if you play it off as if it is! =)

  • Well love, I really wouldn't if I were you. I'm not saying its bad... its just that you will be highly ridiculed by 93% of the male population...

    I once dated a guy that wore scarfs. Didn't personally care, cared more about the person. ANYHOW, anywhere we went my guy friends that haven't met him asked "Oh so is this your gay friend?"

    Just sayin. I wouldn't do it.

    Unless its absolutely vital to your means of survival. :P

  • I think it looks pretty gay haha.

  • the scarf doesn't make the man, the man makes the scarf.

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  • When I see a guy wearing one of those scarves for fashion I always wonder if it matches his panties. It looks faggy.

    • But then what if 5 seconds later you see a hot ass chick walk over to him and ask for his number what do you think now?

    • I think the same exact thing I thought 5 seconds prior

  • It's a piece of cloth. It doesn't dictate anything about your sexuality or masculinity. Wear a scarf because you're cold, not so you can get "cool points" with your local hipster girls.

  • Oh hell no. Wearing a scarf shows you know how to dress. And not to mention how sophisticated you can be. Don't let anyone else tell you otherwise.

  • dude, don't wear a scarf... you're a man! men don't wear scarfs... or pink... or dainty jewely... you get the idea

  • wtf is this? really? a scarf why don't you buy a dildo while your at it

    unless its a blue scarf I like blue :0

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