Can someone give me some advice to put him in his place without loosing him forever?

Me and my boyfriend had been together for almost 4 years on and off, he was a really bad temper and tends to be very moody so sometimes he explodes and it causes a sudden break up. We had been really great together until I heard from someone recently that he was fooling around with another girl and so I confronted him about it. He freaked out and broke it off saying he thinks we should see other people. I'm so confused right now and deep down I feel like this is just the wrong choice for both of us. Can someone give me some advice to put him in his place without loosing him forever?


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  • Hey sounds a little similar to me:) Alright so for me I can be very sensitive and emotional (yes I did just say that) but it's usually because I'm going through a rough time. I never mean to take anything out on my loved ones but it does happen. Is this something where you think "I just wish the guy that I met the first two years would come back"? If so then he probably has a few things going on. For me, I was trying to make myself better and control my frustrations, however, my Ex didn't give it enough time (let me know her feelings and then broke up a week later because she didn't want to work at it). Now if you have let your guy know about your frustrations and he hasn't tried to curb his anger (or going to a therapists) is he really worth it? I at least tried to change.

    As far as cheating I don't know. I know for me in my relationship my ex was about 70mi away going to school. I would every know and then go onto the dating websites while we were still together just to see other girls. I wouldn't message any of them though but I really did it because I was lonely and just wanted to look around. Your Boyfriend might have been looking around too. If it was me and I did the same thing to a girl it would be because I didn't feel that she was there for me and that I just wanted somebody to hold.

    Sensitive guys are hard to deal with. We can be as emotional as a girl but have the intensity and intimidation of any guy. Together it makes us seem angry and intimidating. However we are usually insecure about ourselves and want someone there to reassure us. The only exception is if the guys is just plain mean but it doesn't necessarily sound like it.

    I wouldn't go groveling back to him though or even beg. In a guys mindset if you do that then he will have an attitude that you owe him for taking you back. And HE WILL LORD IT OVER YOU. First If he really wants to be with you and he was having his emotional fits then don't call him. Let him call you. You have to play hard to get but don't pull the bait too far from him so he won't despair. If he does call you just keep it short and simple for the first few calls and then go a little longer. Let him know that he hurt you and that things need to change. (this is what my ex did to me except she didn't wait to see results). I would say that if he truly loves you then he will try to make the necessary changes to get back with you. If he does want to get back with you there is couples counciling. It's not necessarily for marriage but if you invest 4 years in a relationship then it might help to invest some money to keep it going (again this is if he does get back together with you and only tell him this if wants to change). Overall Spend some time reviewing your relationship. Go to a park and lay down. Don't get over emotional about not seeing but think about what you could have done and what he could have done and over all if it's worth making it last.