GUYS: what do you guys think about tall girls?

i just want to know what you guys think about tall girls? I play tennis and well yeah usually tennis players are pretty tall I'm about to be around 6 ft tall does being this tall kinda freak guys out?


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  • Only dumb asses that want the woman to be a little helpless idiot who's weak an dependent on them. A lot of men are mentally healthier than that though. In a way, your in luck if the guy looks scared of you it means that he's buying into the whole stereotype of what a man should be like. Guys like that are trouble they want a woman who will be submissive to their sorry worthless ass.

    Personally I love tall women I'm five eleven so I would like her to be at least six feet not skinny either, proportional women like that have every thing a woman has only more of it from legs to lashes it heightens the whole effect , I dream of meeting a girl like that some day.

    The problem is all the brain washed sissy ass girly girls that want to be protected and taken care of like an 8 year old child, natures mistakes those ones.

    • LOL! You should get out more, dear. I'm 5'1" with a black belt in Karate. I've put many of the guys in my class in their place and I've been told by both men and women that I can be quite intimidating so that blows your entire post out the window. Size does not make a person "stronger" or a "sissy". It's all in how they carry themselves. I'm thinking that the reason you say those things is because you are a wimp but just don't want to admit it so you put down others to boost your ego.

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    • ... It seems to be that a shorter woman must have done you in good in the past, which judging from your post you most likely deserved and now you are very bitter towards them. If that's the case then you should be putting yourself down, not other people.

    • No it has nothing to do with short women it has to do with women who act helpless and men who are intimidated by tall women. BUT at this point I'm kind of sick of trying to explain that to someone who is either drunk or a mental invalid I really don't have the time to waste.

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  • I know tall girls usually have trouble finding guys. Personally I LOVE dating tall girls. I'm 6'4, so that means I don't have to bend my body is ridiculous ways to try and compensate for shortness. The fact that I can kiss you without have to slouch into it is highly awesome. you play sports? Wow you sound like a dream girl to me

  • Guys who are shorter than you won't be attracted to you on average. We guys don't like being less "manly" then our women. We like being bigger and stronger then them! So we feel really manly around them. It also makes us feel more confident, which is probably the reason why short guys on average are less confident in approaching girls then tall ones.

    • Speak for your self, I don't give a crap about any of that stuff, that garbage ruins mens lives f***s their head up.

  • It'd freak out most guys, to be honest. I know on nights out a lot of my friends are like, "OMG TALL GIRL" but I'm 6'2" myself so find it easier talking to a tall girl than a more petite female.

    In the end, it's all about preference.

    • Your on Tsr

    • Dear God, I'm spending too much time on the internet if I'm getting recgonised across websites.

  • I'm around 6' and I personally am more attracted to a shorter girl... but that's just me.

    I wouldn't rule out a girl around my height or a little taller tho... ;)

  • no...are you hot?

    im only 5'10 but I don't give a crap if a girls tall. If she looks good she looks good. you know

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  • In my opinion it shouldn't be a problem as long as you find a guy taller than you. If dating a shorter guy doesn't bother you then that could also be an option. Alls I know is that tall girls like that are models! (:

  • Oh my God you beast! You're so lucky! Btw when I say beast I mean it as an awesome amazing thing. Not an insult. For some reason most people take that as an insult. I'm only 5'6" :( You lucky duck

    • I remember being in vegas and checking out this really tall girl. I was looking at her leg an the size of it just struck me I actually got a little dizzy she was so hot!