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Guys put their hands down their pants?

Why do guys put their hands down their pants? So I have always noticed that guys have to adjust themselves down there. But would it be considered... Show More

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  • Their probably itchin their balls, but some guys actually might be but most guys wouldn't play with themselves in public, and well even when it itches, if I'm with a girl, I try to ignore it.

What Guys Said 3

  • If things are in an uncomfortable position it can be painful. Especially in something tight. Pinching a testicle is never fun and if you have an itch you scratch. I try to be somewhat discrete about it though.

  • coz my balls got warm , or uncomfortable

What Girls Said 1

  • Only trashy guys do that in front of people. That is disgusting and unsanitary.

    • Agreed.

    • Unsanitary?? how you figure? considering they stay tucked away and are not exposed to any germs. As long as you wash once a day they are much cleaner than your hands are.

    • What is down your pants? Genitals and butt. Would you want someone touching their genitalia and then touching you right after? Probably not. Also I would hope most people wash their hands MORE than once a day. That's just nasty

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