Is it bad to ask a guy out through a note/letter?

Does it make a girl seem wimpy? Should I just suck it up and ask him out in person? The only problem is that I'm pretty shy and I'd probably either choke or turn bright red or both. I could try but I don't know.


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  • I would say that if this guy truly likes you, it won't really matter to him what method you use to ask him out - whether it be in a note or letter or some other way. I would say that you should go with whatever you feel most comfortable with. If he is a decent guy and really does like you, he will accept you for who you are and be happy to go out with you no matter what means you use to ask him out. If he thinks your a wimp for asking him out through a note, that is his problem - not yours! You have to do what is comfortable for you! Be yourself and don't try to impress someone just to get them to go out with you!

  • Note/letter is bad. Can you call him? Maybe over the phone would be okay? If not, do it when you are really comfortable and convince yourself that there's nothing to worry about. He will either say yes or no, and that will be that.