My boyfriend is very emotional and dramatic about everything.

my boyfriend is very emotional and dramatic about everything. if I say the wrong thing, he will hold it against me. he's like a baby who needs to be with my 24/7, I love him and everything but sometimes he's just too needy or clingy. sometimes he seems controlling then will apologize and call himself a dumb ass. he gets over dramatic about every situation possible. I called him a girl one time, he got so offended by it, he started crying! how am I suppose to deal with him if he is worse than a moody bitchy girl? --- don't get me wrong, guys, he's not a fag, but he's too emotional

OK just to let people know, he's not a fag, he's into sports & the marines and stuff like that, he's really hot and has a lot of friends (mostly guys) he's completely normal, but this is his first time "falling in love" so maybe he's just being careful?


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  • My ex-boyfriend of 5 years used to be like this. He was SO emotional and would cry about a lot of stuff and he was overly jealous. I finally got overwhelmed with it all and ended it. I told him if he doesn't change, then I could never be in a relationship with him again. A couple months later, we got back together and he was a completely different person. Stopped getting jealous at things, stopped crying and getting emotinal. If I could though, I would take back saying that. He then built up a wall and RARELY showed me any emotion at all.(I had broken up with him about 3 years ago and after getting back together, he's been like this since) And now he has turned into a self centered ass that acts like nothing can phase him. Same with you, he is a total jock, extremely hott, he's the star of the football team, and rather big (swoll) for our age. That's why it was so weird to see him get so upset. But please be careful on how you act on this, because if I could, I would take back ever asking him to change. It has now led me to heart break and I'm miserable. I would do anything to get that back.


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  • What a BITCH! I'm Sorry! You'r on your own... Personally make him like play football or something or join a boxing gym... Make him grow some BALLS! cause apparently he needs them.!

    PS. One of my friends dumped her boyfriend cause he was like that! She said this to him when they broke up "I already have a pussy, I don't need another one!"

    I say use that line if you are breaking up with him lol

    • Good luck trying to find a guy that's you are going to agree with... =D

  • He sounds very insecure and immature for his age. Some guys are more emotional than others and this may just be something he'll grow out of-

  • Haha, I can't believe he cried when you called him a girl.

    Sorry, I can't help. :-)


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