What should I do to break up without hurting his feelings?

I have a guy I am trying to break up with, without hurting his feelings what should I do?


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  • Hey girl,

    I think like most of the guys here have been saying. You need to tell him as soon as possible. Don't give him a BS answer either. Be open and honest about how you feel. He will respect you much more for that, than if you just try and ignore him or act mean to him so that he will get over you.

    If that's the way you feel about him, chances are that he probably feels like something isn't right as well. I don't think it will hit him out of the blue but at the end of the day you need to tell me ASAP for him sake and for yours.

    If you do it in a kind manner, maybe you guys can be good friends afterwards?

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  • No matter what you do, his feelings would be hurt. Tell him up front and get it over with. Stretching it and going into the drama will help neither one of you.

  • There is no easy way to break up with someone. Someone always has hurt feelings. Just tell him how you really feel, and move on.

  • Just be honest with him. Tell him gently.

  • Depending on how long you've been together I highly doubt there's a way you can break up with him without hurting his feelings, the best thing you can do is be truthful with him and let him down gently.

  • Please just tell him the truth and do it upfront so he doesn't get left confused (some guys are more intuitive than you think and can tell when you are lying) or wastes his time. Listen to the guys on this one, we know he it feels to be a guy and how it would feel.

  • Just tell him because you are only making it worse by keeping the relationship going.


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  • You have to hurt his feelings -- if you're too kind in dumping him, he'll doubt you actually want to be rid of him. And then he'll hang around like a bad smell.

    Hurting his feelings may not seem great, but it helps make sure you both understand that it's over, move on.

  • Just explain to him that you think you might be better off alone right now. Don't use the "It's not you.. It's me" line, but just tell him you've got too much going on in your world and in your head, to focus your attention on anyone else right now.

    I had to tell one of my ex's that I was too selfish to commit my time and affection to him, at that point in my life. It was the truth, and it didn't hurt his feelings. that bad.

  • Tell him you see him more as a friend than a boy friends. Make sure you still talk to him though.

    • I did that once. It really does work. It was pretty hard though because he kept saying he didn't understand why but we are still friends to this day.

  • Tell him you just want to be friends.

  • WOW.. Same situation here. Why should we care about their feelings but they (guys) don't bother ours at all? Ahh, yeah.. I almost forgot that we girls, are the most caring creatures ever made.