Girl body types

i am a young girl and I never was concerned about my weight, because of some recent changes I had to make in my diet I lost 20 pounds, I was never fat at all, I was never self conscious. but now I am 113 pounds and I am 5' that I have lost the weight I feel like I am so conscious of the way I look ad I want to lose more, but naturally I lost my chest and my butt along with it, to all the guys out there, what is YOUR favorite body type on a girl..whenever iask my boyfried he says your beautiful no matter what, so I need others advice who will actually be honest with me. thanks so much <33!


Most Helpful Guy

  • well your boyfriend is both right and wrong. he is likely not lying, it really doesn't matter to his love-struck heart what you look like at this point.

    on the other hand, when it comes to what most people think (and it seems that concerns you), there are ideals of what a woman should look like.

    there is some disagreement here of course, but me and most of the guys I know generally prefer this type:

    tall, thin waist, thin thighs, slender and toned legs, a small tight rock hard butt, perky round breasts (bigger is generally better to a point).

    I'd say you are likely looking pretty good right now, you are nice and thin and probably have a great ass. many men like myself love tiny cute little asses. you may be a little small up top, but it is much better to be thin and small chested than big all around. try to keep a thin, toned, youthful body. if you care enough about the breast problem then just get implants eventually. they are pretty common these days, no big deal. I say you deserve it. why shouldn't a nice slim girl like you be allowed to have nice boobs too? I say treat yourself sometime when you have the money.