Which do men prefer, shy or aggressive women?

I'm just curious. Which of these two traits that men like the most.


Most Helpful Guy

  • Shy, not that I'm opposed to somewhat agressive women, I just prefer the challange and sweetness of shy women. There's something to be said for enjoying the closeness and tenderness that shy women are more often attuned to. Aggressive women are more likely to give exciting and fun moments while shy women are more likely to give tender moments and offer up the opportunity to work at breaking through to her to hold her warm heart in my hands so to speak.

    Not to mention, I'd say typically there are more times with shy women that men can feel as though they are "protecting" her and providing other "manly services" this is my reasoning for being more prone to shy women are my preference, also there is more of a, at least to me, cuteness factor that comes from shy women more so than aggressive ones. Of course none of this is to say I'd outright turn down a more aggressive woman, after all I'm more interested in personality and other traits than just how well she can immediately express herself, some shy women or only initially shy until warming up and becoming more familiar with people.

    Anyways, I hope I've answered your question to the best of my ability. Best of luck to you (because who couldn't use extra luck no matter what it goes towards) and I hope this has answered your question well enough.